We're not a Blueblood but a New Blood

USF, meaning San Francisco has a strong history? What when Bill Russell was there? Hadnt made the tournament in 20 years until last season.

Wheres Xavier, Creighton in the respectable tier.

I think the Top 4 tiers seem pretty accurate. Is Indiana still Elite?

*Ohio State is not a “great program”. They had a nice run with Thad Matta, but they’ve certainly taken a step back. Since 2013, they haven’t made a deep run in March. Ohio St is a good program

How are Oregon St, Cal, Washington in the respectable tier

Cal has made the tournament 1 time since 2013-14

Washington has made the tournament 1 time since 2011-12 season

Oregon St has made the tournament 2 times since 2002-03 season

Why do i care, great question


gotta have a blue logo to be a blue blood. common sense


We’re not new bloods if we have made final fours.
I would put us at elite.


We have a history, i don’t think we are a new blood


We were elite….

Then we slowly found our way to the outhouse tier because we played like sh/$ and had sh/$ facilities….

Then we rose from the ashes….much like a Phoenix….

We have since turned into a blood….not opposite a Crip vs Blood :drop_of_blood: kinda blood…. Not a Blue Blood……But a NEW BLOOD.

Any questions?

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My main takeaway is that 9 of the future Big 12 members made this list with BYU probably being the biggest snub. Compare that to the new Pac 10 which only has 4 on the list, with the only program above the last tier being the most vocal about wanting to leave for the Big 12.

Ohio State has a national title, ELEVEN Final Fours, and four Finals appearances.

All more than UH.

They also beat UH for 3rd place in 1968.

Definitely a “great” program by historical standards.

I think the one i scratch my head at is LSUs. I dont really think their resume is any better than ours. We’ve had more F4s, E8s, S16s, qnd only one less tourney appearance. We’ve also been better recently and wothout the scandals that LSUs had to boot.

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Fair enough.

I did some digging into their history. 3 Finals Fours, since 1970.

When Thad Matta was there, i certainly considered them a great program.

They just haven’t been in that National Title discussion in a while. 2 seed during the 2020-21 season. & then gotta go back to the 2012-13 as the last great Ohio St team

But historically yes you’re correct

Is that Auburn? Auburn?

Are you kidding me?

Oops, sorry. Arizona.

But ONCE AGAIN, the incredible model of basketball greatness makes its disproportionate appearance, the Big 10. Maybe by adding 7 schools to the conference they can get 15 teams into the dance that don’t make it out of the first weekend.

The freaking Dons??? lol this list is a$$.

UH was considered a elite program back in the day and now considered one again under CKS. Will take a couple of NC’s to be considered a BB. We’re knocking on the door. If you look at Duke before Kryzewski they weren’t considered nothing… Takes one Coach to change things (we had that Coach in Guy V) and for successor coaches to maintain high levels of performance…

I think UConn should be in the 5th tier, “Strong history but fell off”.

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We were dormant for a full quarter century. I think our tier is respectable.

San Francisco was Gonzaga before Gonzaga got good. They had a lot of history between 1955 and 1982. Kinda of like us, our history was great yet confined to 1966-84 until recently.

Good to see Texas as a respectable program. We should be in the 2nd tier with Louisville.

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Back in the 1950s up to the start of the 1970s, the small private colleges, lots of them Catholic, had awesome hoops. Seton Hall, St. Bonaventure, Fairfield, Niagara, Providence, St. Louis, Drexel, St. Joseph, St. John, Marquette, U San Francisco, and the list goes on.

Basketball kept them in the newspapers and on the maps.

Calvin Murphy played at Niagra

And Bob Lanier on St. Bonaventure.

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