We're projected to go to the national title game

If we keep winning 9/10 games, our season will end 36-4 with a loss in the national title game at NRG Stadium. Other than some more heartbreak, that sounds good to me.

This had a 2nd round, 1 seed lose to an 8 seed feel to it.

Cant hit anything, huge favorites, etc

So, yeah, lets get that out of our system. Onward! Go Coogs


Let’s not forget that our Final Four team lost to Tulsa and
a horrible East Carolina team. These losses happen, let’s just make sure they don’t happen in the tournament


Mark, Roberts & Walker have to be better than 50% from FT…

Missing contested FGs is one thing but those FTs… Damn.


Sampson is a great coach, but has flaws. Like all coaches do.

Free throwing shooting is like Special Teams in Football. It can be the deciding factor in close games I don’t know how you fix it. But whenever it’s asked about, Coach hates the question. It’s a fair question. Free throwing shooting isn’t a dice roll. You can be great at it. Especially your guards.

Shead, Mark and Jarace should all be better, numbers wise.

Reggie Chaney is on the floor in the closing seconds of a game and you’re not sure he can make a free throw. In a tight game you like Reggies defense. But if he gets fouled, 35% FT shooter, you’re lucky to get one

Jamal Shead, 70.8% free throw shooter

Tramon Mark 73.6%, free throw shooter

Jarace Walker, 67.6% free throw shooter

Jwan Roberts 66.7 free throw shooter

Javier Francis 58.8% free throw shooter

Reggie Chaney 35.3% free throw shooter

Sasser and Sharp are solid free throw shooters. But they don’t get to the FT line as often

It’s fun to read stuff like this but after Temple we should all take a breath.

Shead hit his 2… Mark, Walker, Chaney and Sasser missed FTs…