We're sold out for the season?

There was a tweet by JD saying we sold out for the season. Was this announced before?

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Fake news lol.

U saw the basketball tweet about being sold out probably?

Old news.
UH Official on a wait list for awhile.
B12 hoop tickets go fast w the resell crowd.

If true, it’s a good problem to have. It means the program is paying its bills and generating revenue. My season jumped in price this year and I anticipate they will again next year. Worth the money spent. Football needs to start generating revenue next.

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At the kick off event Sampson was talking about how Hofheinz had pie pieces and 8 entire pie pieces would be empty when he started, then he mentioned the new schedule and said if you don’t already have season tickets in basketball… GOOD LUCK.


They needs to be really careful with that. You cant keep going up prices in both. Many alunmi have season tickets for both basketball and football. It would be really disheartening as season ticket holder for several years to not be able to afford my tickets bebind the basket anymore. UH I starting walk fine line with blowing up Alumnin and seaon ticket holders budgets. Houston is still a pro sports city and UH best not forget that. The Coogs need to be the more reasonably priced sports in the city.


I know that we aren’t like top dogs in football by any means, but basketball will be worth every penny. Have you checked the prices of other P5 schools to see where we rank price wise? I am thinking that we are still towards the bottom for value. Granted, it is getting more expensive to take the entire family, but everything is going up in general except my paycheck :frowning: But I will NEVER give up my basketball tickets. EVER.


When comparing apples to oranges, one needs to remember the size of the apples and oranges matters, along with the type of apple/orange. Price comparison for sporting event tickets should take into consider cost of living in a given local. COL in Houston has increased, along with every other portion of the nation, but it is still way less expensive to live here than MOST other places. It seems a bit out of line to compare ticket prices for UH compared to other schools, unless the local COL is taken into consideration . . . . .

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Put us up against the top 10 historically best programs in the country. I promise you UH could TRIPLE prices across the board and we would still be the cheapest among them. If you want to be the best, you gotta spend like the best, and you need to make revenue to do that. Like it or not it’s in UH’s best interest to follow the law of supply and demand to get every penny they can.


Those school are college towns. UH woudl make a terrible error to triple prices. Football will always be the bread winner and going up price in that. You triple pricr in basketball with inceas in football, then can say goodbye to your smaller but very loyal fan base of regular fans and alumni. So many are pushing for ticker price raises. How many of you pay for ticket both Football and Basketball? It easy to say when not your money.

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I’m quite sure the “Sold Out for the Season” applies to Season Tickets. Weren’t we “Sold Out” for Season Tickets last year as well? We don’t sell the entire Arena as Season Tickets. I’ve got my 3!
Here are a couple of dates from UHCougars.com.:

  • Mini-Plans on Sale – October 11
  • Single-Game tickets on sale – October 23