We're this close

Get those bottles iced down gentlemen.

We’ve done too much to be ignored, passed over, and marginalized. This is our moment and it’s all on the line. We’re this close.

We all do a great job of being ambassadors for UH and we’ve got to step up our game even more with a few weeks left before the OU game. Every season ticket sold is important.


We’re two plus months away from a decision.

1-0 baby. Let’s take care of today.


We have what, 6,500 to 6,800 season tickets left to sell?

If UH misses out on a Big XII invite, I will refer to this post as the one that jinxed it. And as much as it pains me, I will probably have to unfollow your Twitter feed.


I feel like the stars are aligning. Tilman, Mccombs, and Abbott are on board. We are mentioned as other conference additions. Season tix have surpassed 20K. All things point northward. While I won’t hold my breath, I agree with 57!

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Coog57, I am isiah_glover on twitter. What do you have to teach me?

If you have a good reason to try and sway fans on twitter I’m all ears (technically eyes).

The way I look at it is this. Fans do not decide which teams will be in the big12. Therefore, I don’t care if they have bad things to say about UH. TT and Baylor fans want UH to stay G5. They don’t want to hear reasonable discussion, they just want to spew hate to whoever will listen.

Lets all push to get as many tickets sold. The entire program and university have worked tirelessly to get UH to this point and we’ve all done our part too. The nation has woken up because we finally woke up.

We’re also going to represent well at NRG for the OU game.

Keep up the great work everyone!!!

All I can ask of you Isiah is to always promote UH. There will be those that have inaccurate “facts” that they try to use to discredit us. Refute those “facts” with what UH is and what UH has done. We have much to be proud of and young men like you are our future.

We’re not going to miss out.

Love your hashtag!


I have a good feeling we’ll sell all of them.


Guess it’s ‘Push Hard’ time again…

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Thanks 57. Go Coogs.

If anybody jixed UH its Abbott. Just like he did the Astros.

Donate to Cougar Pride!

I smell Renu Khator getting to the governor and to the lt. governor or maybe it is Sylvester Turner (which it should be but I doubt)


Actually, we are 2 months away from a formal announcement…TRUST me, decision has been made and we’re in…

Trust you, I like ur posts, but do u have concrete proof we are in, or is it just the governor, et al making these statements that leads u to believe we are in?

Bandera, when Texas and OU say they want Houston in Big 12, then it is almost certain to happen.Too much smoke the last 2 days for there not to be a fire somewhere…Chip Brown is a serious Longhorn insider with that newsletter. If he says we’re in, then we;re in…we are a top candidate and they are smart enough to recognize and acknowledge it…Is there a price to be paid?? Maybe, but we are prepared to pay it…

I have to agree with aldine on this one. Chip Brown will only speak what top UT brass speak. If he say longhorns want us, then trust the horns want us. What i dont believe is the media saying non Texas schools dont want us. David Boren made it clear last year that he would like to see Houston in the Big 12. Boone Pickens of OK State wanted us in before TCU got in…and has alot of influence with OSU. The Kansas schools would benefit flying straight to Houston for recruits as will Iowa State. I don’t know what WY thoughts would be…

WVU certainly has to have some positive influence from their head coach, our former OC…their former president was intimately familiar with us from his time with the Dynamo and the Oilers…and their current president was early on one of the most enthusiastic about expansion - for obvious reasons of need for themselves, but it would be hard to take the Big 12 negativity blinders off and not see our value in short order.

Anyway, if it sounds like they’re leaning toward 4, they can use the other 3 picks to get punching bags for Iowa State and Kansas, if that’s what they’re worried about. Split us from the other Texas schools’ division to split the apparent hegemony and increase trips to Texas for recruiting, if that’s the concern.

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