West Virginia goes down

One hurdle for 2-seed cleared…Mountaineers hit 3 to tie, but shot is clearly late of the final buzzer. OSU survives 72-69.

OSU beats Baylor and they come into play on 2 line.

That’s a pretty big IF, though


I think they’ll have to win the tourney, but yes. Beating Baylor would put them in contention. Winning the tourney gets them over the hump, IMO.

according to lunardi’s latest, WV would have been the 3 opposite UH as the 2; so that’s probably gone. does that now mean ok state is the three ?

i hope not, they are looking better and better each game they play.

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they are good no doubt, but I think we would match up well with them.
they are as dangerous as west va. the game was very close.
OKst relies heavily on their main star to rebound …

Yup. Pains me to say this but we root for Baylor and Tech to now.

I’m thinking it’s better to be a 3 if it means we can avoid Gonzaga’s bracket.

I am not as worried about gonzaga as others…they haven’t played a defense like ours so we don’t know what will happen when their rythym is disrupted…and byu took it to them the other night. a they aren’t as deep as we are and ran out of gas…

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