West Virginia

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WV also has poverty. That’s true. But the toothless heathen stereotype probably is overstated.

I was in a doctor’s waiting room in Charleston while on business trip. I’d gotten a piece of metal in my foot. There was an older lady there with what must have been her grandkids.

Their clothes were worn as all get out. You could tell they were hand washed. When it came time to pay she was shuffling through her purse. And the young doctor came down the hallway and motioned to the nurse not to worry about it. The nurse, who obviously knew the lady, whispered that the doctor wasn’t going to charge her. It left me with a good impression of them.

That’s an older life out there. More practical and kind in a way.


You’re obviously lying. A doctors office that didn’t secure payment or insurance information before even bothering to figure out what the patient wanted? That’s unheard of.

I didn’t say that. She was obviously trying to cover her co-pay or whatever she had set-up. The family had already been treated. I don’t know what service she got. But the doctor in that clinic waived her side if it.

As I recall he was very fair to me, as our company didn’t have an account there. He was a UVA grad according to the diploma. I’m assuming the state of WV gives some credit to out of state doctors to come and work there. I don’t know how many medical schools are in the state of WV.

But I’m definitely not lying.


It was tongue in cheek and not actually accusing you of lying.

For every medical contact I’ve ever had, the first thing I’m ever asked is how I’m going to pay. I can go eat at an expensive restaurant without that kind of reaction and pay after I finish my meal.

I went to the doctor in Australia on two separate trips and each time I was attended to and only asked to pay at the end and fillled out extra paperwork for not being Australian.

Our medical system is screwed.


I thought that might be the case. My bad.

I had a country doctor back in the 90’s in Little Rock that hated insurance. He loved to say, “just give me forty dollars.”

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That’s unheard of in today’s big city doctor’s offices, but not in deep rural areas, especially impoverished deep rural areas.


Yet we have the best medical care in the world. You get what you pay for. Of course, it would be better if our taxes would go up by 40 percent so everyone could have medical care like other countries . . . . .

That’s the problem, most can’t afford the best care this country has to offer.

But now we are going off topic. Back to wvu

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Hmmm, got to be careful there. I have heard “T-shirt Fan” is a derogatory non-inclusive term that is offensive to the cancel culture. You are opening the door for ridicule.

LOL here we go! :crazy_face:

West Virginia the state is more invested in the university than anywhere I have ever seen. The state officially adopted the university’s colors as the state colors, so you see it on everything from state trooper cars to license plates. Overpass rockbeds have the “WV” logo. You also see the logo all over the place because they run so many hospitals across the state. It may be different in Huntington, but we live in a university town three hours from Morgantown.

Anyway, point being it’s not entirely comparable to UT or A&M shirt fans because the Mountaineers really are the state’s team and not just the university’s.


Wish we had some of the loyalty here in our town to our University…


Where did I make a UT or A&M comparison?

You didn’t. Kyle mentioned T-shirt fans. Wasn’t intending to criticize either of you or anything. Sorry if it came across that way. Mostly that it is one of the relatively few cases where the observation doesn’t really fit and I wanted to explain on that.

You are correct. WV is similar to Arkansas in that regard.

According to NCAA WVU is the #12 team in the country when combining football and basketball. We should be so lucky.

Source: https://www.ncaa.com/news/article/2019-07-25/16-schools-best-combination-football-and-basketball-programs

Well they put the credit cards they accept on the entrance door