What could UH do to realistically improve gameday experience at TDECU

I always appreciated the beer vendors selling directly in the stands, walking up and down the section aisles. I have not seen it much the last few years.

Definitely not since I moved from chairbacks in 200s on visitor side to chairbacks in 300s on home side.

A canopy is really needed on visitor side. I liked my old seats better but the sun wore us down so many games, year after year. Finally jumped at moving to the home side. Was much better being in the shade, but view from 200s was better, IMO. Coog fans shouldn’t have to deal with the brutal sun beat down during dog days with 11 & 2:30 kickoffs.


A pre-game tradition will only look good if the stands are full at pre-game.
Too many late arrivals and people wondering the concourse to make it look good on TV.


Only if the heads do not fall off . . . . . like BB bobbleheads.

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Beer pressure get your beer presssure! If you ain’t Boozn you loozin! I miss that guy :laughing:

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Only saw that in 2017. The student section vs Rice was rowdy and drunk.

I wonder how much of a difference this guy is going to make:

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That guy offered to take my Dad and I to his family BBQ one day. I’d been tipping him all season, and he was very appreciative.

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This this this this.

Someone needs to ask the the chancellor about what they intend to do?

We have one of the best brain trusts in the country when it comes to entertainment and hospitality.


Overall a priority should be shade. If I had a money tree I would’ve wished for a dome.

No. More. DJs.


I think these were replaced by the Seatz app. Great when it works.
(Which is most of the time, at least at football games.- I’ve had problems at Fertitta.)

NO. More DJ’s.


People want to be able to get in and out of the parking lots quick, get into the game fast, get a beer/bite quick, and get in and out of the john in a decent time. I’ve noticed that stadiums that do this well are a hell of a lot more fun to deal with. Oh yeah, win games.

No.More. DJ’s


If the team doesn’t win, everything else is pointless. i could get cold food and warm beer and id be happy if the team wins.


I didn’t have a single one of those issues last year at TDECU, Was part of enjoying going to the games.

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Underdog Dynasty lost their funding for podcasting but still an updated blog. SB nation doing some interesting polls there on a regular basis.

“TDECU Stadium — Houston, TX (Steve Helwick)”

If a podcast lost its funding, with the minimal cost involved, then what financial model is there for college sports for teams that don’t have 75-100k attendees at their games?

A legit question. It was cold blooded considering it was the only non-fan created spot for some teams/schools.

I suggested about a month ago that since Pappas lost the contract at Hobby Airport they should open up Pappadeaux’s, Pappasito’s and Pappas BBQ at TDECU to replace some of that revenue.

Well, not so fast. Pappas is suing the city over the contract.

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