What did Sampson tell Beard when

Our players got in the skirmish?

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At our weekly pinochle game, coach did not mention it to me. I will try to ask him next week…


I’m guessing Sampson communicated to Beard that the tone of the game was becoming highly charged and in order to avoid an unfortunate incident that he’ll (Sampson) speak to his players about playing with more poise, thus tacitly communicating to Beard to do the same since they are coaches who have a high level of mutual respect.


If you zoom in and read his lips it seems that he says, 'bruh, we fight dirty, stand your guys down…I mean we got a cat from naw’lins that bites."


I haven’t played pinochle since I got out of the Navy, I don’t know anyone who plays. But back then we played almost around the clock with people coming off watch replacing those going on. We had two tables, the “Big” table and the “Little” table. Winners at the Little table would replace losers at the Big table. We played double deck without the nines.

We would play pinochle when we left port until we hit port. We would then switch to bridge until next port and then switch back to pinochle and so on, and so on.

Showing my age, but nothing like a good game of canasta, pinochle, booray, or euchre. Could be very high stakes in play.

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Aaaaahhh Booray, the game that with a fifty cent anti, you can lose your shirt. I don’t remember how to play it though.

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The only rule I remember is to never play someone with a Cajun accent. :money_with_wings::money_with_wings: