What do you donate to at UH?

I’m sure almost everyone here donates to Cougar Pride. What other funds do you donate to, even if it is $1 a year?

I donate small amounts to a bunch of different things. Here’s some of the nonacademic, non-alumni, and non athletic ones (hopefully give people ideas):

CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services)
Commuter Assistant Fund
Cougar Emergency Fund
Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Development Fund
Fund for Diversity and Inclusion
Blaffer Museum
Frontier Fiesta

I choose these based on my campus experience or things that interest me.

Law School and Athletics.

The General Fund, The Honors College and CLASS.

Very seldom give money to the Athletic Department. Uncle Tilman can take care of that. Our academic facilities need just as much, if not more, money from alumni.

I guess you aren’t a season ticket holder then.

I was for years, but I live in Atlanta now so not anymore.

My brother lives in Roswell so usually end up watching any Thanksgiving week game somewhere there. Hadn’t thought about looking for a group.

There is a pretty good contingent of UH alumni in the Atlanta Metro. I know that there used to be a UH Alumni club in Atlanta. I believe it was based in Alpharetta or Roswell (I used to live in Roswell but now live in Gwinnett County).

I go to as many UH games as I can. When I lived in NY, we went to the UH-UConn Game. When we lived in DC, we went to the UH-Navy game. We went to the Birmingham Bowl last season as well. I also bought a ticket to the Peach Bowl even though I did not go. I donated it to the Alumni Group who supposedly gave it to students.

It’s mainly part of what UH pays me for stipend but:

NSM/Computer Science, Spirit of Houston, then athletics. If there was a student experience fund, or when CV3 gets their non-profit status set up, I’ll donate to them (if anyone wants to contribute to it, let me know, I’ll announce when it’s open. We’ll even do things on y’all’s interest/throw a tailgate and let y’all come over)

Alumni Organization
Created an academic scholarship for low income students 3 years ago


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