What do you think about this lineup?

Time for a Couch Coach question.

Could this be the starting lineup during the Tournament?

PG - Jarreau
SG - Grimes
F - Gorham
F - White Jr. (Fully healthy)
F - Chaney

What are your thoughts?

Can someone move to basketball board,…

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Is that for offense or defensive line? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I am really liking what Chaney is bringing to the starting lineup. Sets a toughness tone very early.


We’ve won all season with a guard-heavy lineup. Take Chaney out and put Sasser in.


I think Gorham and White when healty would both be able to play the inside well together and lock it down. They are both great rebounders. White by far when healthy is our best scoring big and can spread the floor with his 15ft shot. Chaney shoud be the first big off the bench.

I think coach will change the starters based on matchups. In general, I think he sticks with Chaney, Gorham, Sasser, Grimes, Jarreau.


Most teams play 3 guards/wings so that lineup would require Gorham to guard a wing.

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So Fabian for Sasser? Why?

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but why?

not a fan.

If you’re just trying to sneak a little more height into the starting 5 I like: Jarreau, Mark, Grimes, Gorham, and Fabian

No one under 6’5", everyone is capable of stepping out on the perimeter to guard and to hit a shot.

Why are you sitting one of our best players???

what’s with the sasser diss…

Sasser, Grimes, Jarreau, Gresham, White to start

Sitting Sasser??? LOLOLOL

You want to sit the leading rebounder in the conference? Nah bruh

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This thread really brings to light the difficulties that probably run through CKS’ head when trying to figure out what lineup to throw out there. And, probably more important, the difficulties that opponents experience when trying to gameplan for us.

There are so many weapons and ways we can destroy your gameplan. I forgot who said it (maybe Mark Adams last night)…we are unlike any other team out there. Outside of our conference foes, who play us A LOT, it will be difficult for other teams to really prepare well for us. Especially if it’s in the NCAA Tournament in the second game of the weekend. That’s really only one night to prepare…which has to be nearly impossible. WKU had three nights…and still couldn’t break through. Outside of the top three teams (Gonzaga, Baylor and Michigan), we might be the only team that can beat us.

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The only real discussion is if Fabian will work back into the starting lineup. Sasser, Jarreau, Grimes, and Gorham should for no reason other than injury not be starting.


You will never see that lineup on the floor. Much more likely to see a 4 guard, 1 big


I think the lean is toward offense. If Jarreau and Grimes are rebounding like they should it takes pressure off of having another big man.

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