…Will last night’s game have on our recruiting? Can’t be good.

It can’t imagine it would help, but to be frank, it’s too early to tell. If the rest of the season turns out like this…then…OOOF!!!


No decommits yet. I guess it all depends on much the recruit and their parents believe in Holgorsen. We have the fewest commits in the AAC as of now.

I’ll be honest for what we’re paying this staff. I don’t care what the record is I expect a top 3 AAC recruiting class minimum, if not at the top no matter what. If they can’t deliver that they need to give some of their salties back.

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I don’t know how kids think, but if I were a kid being recruited, I would think I would have a really good chance of playing at least as a RS frosh if not true freshman.


Depends. It could be “look, you could start right away”, upgrade talent recruiting pitch. It could be, this is the beginning of something great. Or it could be, I don’t want anything to do with that program.


Our recruits aren’t deciding whether to commit to UH based on the outcome of a midweek game agains Tulane. If we did lose one because of this, then that one wouldn’t be hard to replace.

Dear Lord people.

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Dont read too much into early commitments. let the coaches finish their evals. Sometimes they want to see how they do over the course of an entire season. They might be holding some schollies due to being on the fence about a few.

With only 8 verbals and one of them being a kicker do you think coach is holding any ships? I don’t.

How familiar are you with non-committable offers? Just because you see mods posts offers for recruit (insert name) for the class of (insert class), doesnt mean that he is going to be allowed to sign here. There are a lot of ins and outs to college football recruiting and that’s one aspect that goes without a lot of discussion. Some guys are literally waiting in line to commit.