What exactly is the injury to Ward's shoulder?

I know it’s sore, and they say no structural damage, and they say it won’t get worse… What could it be? Deep bruise? Bone bruise?

I think it was a bruise that even got the tendons.

Listening to Herman this morning on 790, and from what he said it sounded like Ward has bursitis in the shoulder. Herman didn’t specifically say bursitis, however from his description it certainly seemed like it. I’ve had bursitis in my shoulder before, and can attest that is very painful and takes a long time to go away. If my experience is any indication, Ward will be dealing with this all season.

Strained ligaments. They heal slowly. Pain is persistent but not over whelming.

I had frozen shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis). It SUCKED. But cortisone was a lifesaver. It’s from that condition I learned how fragile, complicated, and – frankly-- how amazing the shoulder is.

It is always a catch 22 situation. Actually the less pain killers you use/take the better it is long term. Cortisone effects can’t be reversed. I am not a doctor but I would not be surprised that he had a mild separation. A lot of pro athlete get stem cell treatment or PRP treatments. Very different treatment but less invasive than common orthopedic treatments. Even for ligament damage that it a better option than a surgery. The catch? It is not reimbursed by insurance (PRP is in some cases). It would be ideal if he would seat out against Texas State.

Definitely have to be judicious with cortisone. In my case, one shot unfroze my should so I could do the rehab. Frozen shoulder is exactly that. And it’s unbelievably painful.

Take care of your shoulders.

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