What excuse will Dana make this time?

“I can’t assistant coach. I can’t coach every player at every second. I don’t call the plays. I am a CEO type. I can’t play either. We will get better. I promise.”

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Here are a few quotes from the paper. Make of them what you will. The first is concerning the substitution penalties…

“I’m gonna have to ask my coaches, I don’t sub D-linemen, they will be held accountable for it. It’s inexcusable.

“At the end of the day, it’s on me, but I’m not the one subbing those guys in. It’s inexcusable.”

On the second half in general:

“In the third quarter we got wore out, We had people dropping like flies. I’m not using that as an excuse, but they wore us out.

“That’s a Big 12, big boy, physical team’s gonna do. We knew that’s who they were. They wore us out.”

He doesn’t know why they’re subbing?!?

Are you freakin serious?!?

Can you imagine a successful coach saying that?

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he is saying that he is not the one that calls for the substitutions the D coaches are…dana is the head offensive coordinator others are responsible for defense, special teams, clock management, recruiting…I mean dana is the head coach so he is responsible for those things, but he does not do those things so he will need to ask those that actually do those things why they were done in a way that was not successful or that caused penalties…(he will (not) get back to you with the answers sometime in the future (never))

Mary Poppins looks good compared to CDH.

Can you imagine Dabo or Whittingham or Brian Kelly or even Kiffin saying that?


He said his goal is to play competitive football after the game.

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Oh Hell! Then he should get four more years.


“That’s B12 football.”

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We were competitive. That’s all that matters.


The excuse next week will be UCF was playing for a bowl game. At least we were competitive.

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I heard they stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.

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But why do you care? You’re not affiliated with this University, nor do you want to see it succeed.

The excuse “this is the B12” does not hold water against Cincinnati and UCF. They were in the AAC, just like UH last year. Holgorsen’s excuse after the Cincinnati loss was “we were not ready to play”.

I never thought I would say this, but Holgorsen found the one excuse against Cincinnati that makes “this is the B12” sound acceptable.

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CDH speaks in the third person. It’s actually a quite interesting phenomenon. That is, of course, unless one is just wanting to win football games.