What happened to one of our LB's

I am not good on the name but the young man who one of our players, long hair white guy was not on the field after the opening kickoff. He was the person who picked up the fumble and ran it back for a TD against UCF, I don’t remember seeing him on the field this last game.


#0? He braided his hair this time.


He played the entire game.

Number 0.


Yeah, I thought he cut it until TV showed a close up.


Delmar, his name is Grant Stuard.


We had trouble finding him too, but he was there.

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Look for the ball carrier. He will be somewhere near if not on top of him.


No programs at the game and Red, I just couldn’t remember his name. Just how good he is.

He’s got a motor like JJ Watt.

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He’s our best LB, leads team in tackles and led team in tackles last year. He has already accepted an invitation to the Senior Bowl. This year so far he has 25 unassisted tackles and 25 assisted tackles for 50 total. Next closest to him has 26 total tackles each in Gervariius Owens (18UA, 8A) and Thabo Mwaniki (21UA, 5A).

I don’t think he is white. As LL would say, he’s a “tall light-skinned brother with dimples”. And he’s bad.

He doesn’t take plays off. It’s maximum effort every play with him and that’s why he excels. I bet he practices the same way.


This is Grant Stuard, #0.