What happened to Trumps hard policies towards China?

I’ll give you a clue. Pay it forward.

Is this a riddle?


The answer is nothing. They just took his policies and incorporated them into other movements. In other words. We are aware that China is the enemy and we are at war with them. Thank you Biden.

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Didn’t realize we were at war with China.

News to me!

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Weird thread is weird.

Highly ironic from someone with military ties. Thank you for your service.
I will add that indeed there is a portion of the military that aligns with woke ideas. These are usually called political officers. Their residence of choice is in d.c… Quite a few work at the Pentagon.
Not realizing that the chicoms is our #1 enemy is worrisome at the highest degree.
The chicoms have largely increased their military power both nuclear and other sectors.

You are woke, Law!

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China And Brazil Reach Deal To Ditch U.S. Dollar And Trade In Their Own Currencies (msn.com)

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Explainer: Can China broker peace between Russia and Ukraine? | Reuters

If China brokers a peace deal with Ukraine and Russia. Be prepared for an economic downturn of epic proportions in the US. We already are in a recession… But this would hurt.

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On what basis do you say that?

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How so?

Look at the GDP. Are you not feeling it? The only reason we have no declared a recession is that by definition it has to be two quarters in a row. This has not happened because the war in Ukraine has propped us up.

Help me connect the dots you’re pointing to. I am not seeing them.

Done, it’s grown the last 2 quarters at a pretty good rate. Averaging ~3%. Growth is forecasted for 1Q23 as well.

Feeling the gdp growth?

That’s not the definition. We did have that (barely) but the NBER makes the call. There are many reasons why they didn’t call it a recession several months ago.

Don’t know what you’re trying to say there.

Anyway, we aren’t in a recession by any definition I’m aware of.

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BTW, here’s Jamie Dimon’s view of the state of the economy. He had a much darker view a year ago.

Things are a lot better than some want them to be.

U.S. GDP Growth Rate 1961-2023 | MacroTrends

U.S. GDP Growth Rate - Historical Data
Year GDP Growth (%) Annual Change
2022 2.1%
2021 5.95% 8.71%
2020 -2.77% -5.06%
2019 2.29% -0.65%

Of course it’s good. War is good for the economy. Have you noticed that gas is starting to creep up?

Being our enemy and being at war are two different things.

Iran is our enemy, for example, but I can’t say that we are currently at war.

Same with China.


You just said the economy wasn’t good and that we were in a recession.

Oil prices are up related to opec cutting production. Nothing can be done about that.

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