What Happened?

To the opposing team University ladies pics we used to do weekly from the bad guys? Did we get too soft? I’m asking for a friend.


I almost started a Texas tech girls thread…but I still don’t know how to post pictures instead of links


That’s a fight I don’t want to pick.


I feel like we’ve struggled in this competition as of late.


We beat the crap out of South Carolina but that was a few years ago.

CoogFans: Why post pics of good looking ladies when we can argue about covid??!?


Theoretically, we could do both. But we’re also lazy.

Thats true but just starting the thread would be fun

Tbh, I always thought those threads were kinda gross. This board’s median demographic lusting after a bunch of women who were typically young enough to be y’all’s daughters (or in some cases granddaughters) without their consent or knowledge was creepy.




I typed in beautiful Houston Cougars and this is what I got:

I think we win.


I eventually knew somebody would say this. I respect how you feel about it. All I ask to those who feel the same way is, if one is created just don’t click on it. Carry on with the other threads and you will be good. For some of us it has nothing to do with perversion but another way of competing. Our football team is better, academic rankings are higher, women are better, etc. This is me speaking for myself.

On the old board I got downvoted (or was it disliked?) big time after pointing out one of the cheerleaders looked like at oldest a 17 year old freshman. I think it would be better if it stuck to alums of the school, tv personalities, actresses, models, pro athletes, pro cheerleaders, etc.

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…and you got a virus

Anne Hudson

Danya Devon (Did not graduate)

Emily Jones (Fox Sports)

Might be a struggle this way, lol. Best I could do with only alums. 4 years in Lubbock must be harsh.

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Yeah, you’ve described the problem pretty precisely here. Like, Sheryl Swoopes wasn’t gonna come up in a thread about whose women were “better.”

Is the T for Texas tech or is it instructional :sunglasses:

What happened?

Where have you been?

It is 2021.

Yes, sad isn’t It !!