What If

After seeing Taze progress from the beginning of the season to now, what if he had played under Sampson for four years. With his athleticism he could have been Clyde Drexler 2. At the beginning of the season he was just ok. Now he is pretty dang good.


That bank shot is legit and he’s our 3rd PG on this team… Just an amazing season.


TAZE is soooo much better than at the start of the season! I like your post b/c it gives me a chance to say I think this team may go father in the tournament than people think. When you have a Taze Moore, Kyler Edwards, Josh Carlton & Fabian White that is a lot of talent & EXPERIENCE! I really believe that SHEAD is the QB! DEPTH maybe the issue!

I love how players get better under Sampson. Fabian White has gotten so much better. Taze in one year.


Another example of the thing I love most watching the Coogs in the Sampson era. Players get better game to game, season to season. Seeing the the hard work they all put in pay off is inspiring.