What is a Reasonable Number of Years for Head Coach at One School

It seems likely that we will have CDH for six or seven years.

Helton compares favorably to CDH in some aspects:

  • Helton was paid a fraction of what CDH is paid (especially if we include what we had to pay to buy out Applewhite’s contract in order to hire CDH).

  • Helton could recruit on the OL

  • Helton had to recruit against a sudden, humiliating conference demotion, while CDH has been able to recruit against a long anticipated conference promotion.

  • Helton’s “love coach” gig provided a much more appealing face of the program then CDH’s cursing and coughing do.

30 years later, I can’t believe that we are in a position of making these comparisons.


Man we could have had 4 more CBY’s if we would have just been visionary enough to give each of them 5 years

He did win a conference championship (total outlier and a sad 7-5 record, but still a championship)

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At what point do we put Levine and Applewhite above CDH?

I mean, both Levine and Applewhite never lost to Rice.
But CDH made a conference championship game which is something Levine/Applewhite never did.