What is ESPN’s offer to an expanded AAC?

I think the truth has slowly been leaked. ESPN wants to kill the BigXII, divest itself of the expenditure, and eliminate LHN, while increasing the value of its most prized college football asset - the SEC.

In order to accomplish these goals, they back-channeled with Aresco and the AAC to find a landing spot for some - all the Irate 8. I wonder what the price tag is for the AAC to do this dirty deal with ESPN?

I can’t see it being over $15M/team, but I really can’t see us doing it less for $10M/team; plus an auto-bid in the NY6 and a guaranteed spot in the expanded playoff. My financial estimates are derived from the idea that I assume ESPN would want to save approx $100M/yr to make this worth their while.


Your thoughts?



speculations that’s all the big 12 has or the tiny 8

If we absorb all of the Big 8 , then we would have to jettison some AAC potentially…who? Or, who from the Big 8 doesn’t get absorbed?


That seems pretty accurate based on what we’re learning everyday.

There won’t be a guaranteed playoff spot for any conference in the expanded playoff. The top 6 ranked conference champions will have guaranteed spots. This will serve as defacto guaranteed spots for the champs of the sec, ACC, big 10, PAC and (reformatted) AAC

I don’t think anyone gets kicked out of the AAC. That’s a bad precedent that no school wants to set. I think it’s more likely that ESPN just kind of lets the conference be sprawling and unwieldy. If anyone gets left behind, it’ll probably be K-State, TCU, and Baylor, in that order, but that doesn’t “finish the job” on the Big 12, so to speak.

ESPN’s offer??? $1 above what they are currently paying us. We will counter with that is too low.

Welcome home to the Irate 8



UT is about to truly find out what it means to be ‘out of their league’. But, but, but we are Texas is going to be awesome when they lose annually to bama, LSU and a few others.

Yep the money will make the execs happy but the fans miserable.


Alabama didn’t bring in Texas and OU to compete. The grass ain’t greener. You can’t buy a trophy.

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The five stages of grief model postulates that those experiencing grief go through a series of five emotions: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Wow, West Virginia moved to acceptance pretty quickly.


Keep in mind that I am a pessimist, but I fear that there is less to the offer than we hope. Namely that rather than being committed to helping the AAC get through this, they just took a “Why not?” spin here. Said they would give us more money if we expanded. If we take Big 12 teams good, if we destroy the Big 12 great, and if we fail then it’s little skin off their nose.

I don’t think that they’re really committed.

But I’m sure hoping that they have a master plan and if it means they have to overpay for Tulsa they will overpay for Tulsa. I think there’s a chance this is true.

Does the SI “reporter” know UConn is not in the AAC anymore?


Oof, mentioned not once but repeatedly.

You expect any “journalist” to be knowledgeable ?

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Texas really screwed over everyone lol it’s so sad and funny at the same time


Texas and OU did what we’ve been trying to do since 1996. Elevate for money and scheduling. Not mean, not stupid, just realpolitik. Unlike us, they incur a lot of collateral damage just because they are both Top Ten all-time needle movers no matter where they are or what their records may be.