What is your opinion of THIS move?

They can do what they want but my opinion is that it’s ridiculous.


Yeah pretty much, very private company they can do what they want. seems like being dicks just to be dicks to me though.


Can they wear gloves? I’d prefer my cooks to wear masks!



Really weird policy since it’s inconsistent across the states.

I do know a couple of families here that refuse to even try In-n-Out burger
because the chain originated in California. Maybe in their more competitive markets they
they have data that shows employee’s wearing masks turns away some customers ? I dunno how
else to explain a strange inconsistent policy like this.

Also, In-n-Out just isn’t very good. I’d take Whataburger, Sonic, Wendy’s…even BK & DQ over them any day.

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I’d definitely take Whataburger.

But here in Katy, In and Out always has the longest drive thru line in town.

Chick fil A is maybe second.

Ill go to Whataburger or In and Out for a change of pace. Both are pretty good at what they do.

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The burgers are pretty good, fries are straight trash. Pre-private equity takeover Whataburger dominates. Current Whataburger eh it’s closer.

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This. Their fries suck.

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There’s an In n Out by my office so I’ll go once and while. It’s straight up fresh tasting. The only way to eat the fries are to order them animal style, that way it hides the cardboard taste of the fries.

Agreed. Their fries do suck.

it’s definitely because they feel they are losing customers with mask wearing employees at the counters
those states especially, people may see it as a vestige of California culture and they are trying to remove that as it may be a stigma in those states.

If someone isn’t going to a burger chain because they see someone with a mask on… yikes.

I wonder if they are the same people that talk about freedoms all the time too.


They ate the only establishment that is cleaner than bucees and chick fil a.

Their business, their rules. Why are masks even necessary? Didn’t Biden say the crisis is over?


That’s very odd. They are far from a liberal company. They put bible verses on their drink cups!

Freedom for their employees to choose.

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