What keeps me up at night

We lose to Sam.
We beat UT
The students storm the field.
The alums in the glass booths demand that Dana be given a lifetime contract.
We lose out from there.


Ah a Sumlin and Aggie conundrum.

Rest easy, my guy.

In an infinite universe where seemingly anything is possible. UH beating UT isn’t possible. The head coach is lazy garbage. He can’t game-plan, call plays, or make adjustments well enough to beat UT.

Or… if you prefer to believe CDH, the kids suck and can’t execute his amazing game-plans and play calls. Either way, it’s not possible for this team to beat this year’s UT squad.



You should probably go back to sleep.

Did you take NyQuil before bed? It gives me strange nightmares as well.


A classic fever dream.

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We aren’t beating UT lol

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The mushrooms on your pizza are illegal…except in Oregon

missed a dose, HCNY?

I’m there will be no storming the field if we beat UT. Maybe a slight drizzle but there won’t be enough people to storm.

Why does our coach always suck when we play UT?

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