What really happened: Houston at Cincy


Because this isn’t 2006, and Houston and teams like Houston will gladly run perimeter game on you until they rack up seventy plays, and then return to pounding your tired defensive front until they break. Because Greg Ward Jr. actually started playing better when they moved him around in the pocket, rolling out and occasionally carrying the ball on halfback lead runs. The run game picked up, the playcount mounted, and eventually Cincinnati really had to start to try to do things on offense, like pass the ball.


Preparation during short week helped Cougars power past Cincinnati

“We’ve got an awesome sports medicine staff, and they take care of our bodies, and we’ve got a strength staff that does a good job with mobility,” Long said. “But it’s also the way we train. Camp is 2 1/2 weeks long of just straight banging, two hours a day. We’re used to it. We train for this.”

- Houston is legitimate, folks

The Cougars could not establish control until very late, but it helps to have a special player such as Heisman Trophy candidate Greg Ward Jr. at quarterback. UC actually kept Ward in the pocket much of the night, as designed. Yet, Ward still rushed for 73 yards and two touchdowns and threw for 326 yards and a TD (two interceptions). UC sacked Ward three times. Ward gets the publicity, but the Houston defense – ranked No. 11 overall nationally – is stocked with big, quick athletes from front to back. Legitimate Top 10 team, the Cougars.

Greg Ward Jr. shows his importance to Houston with big night against Cincinnati

But when nobody popped open on a critical third-and-11 from the 12-yard line after what seemed like forever, the Houston quarterback dashed for the right corner of the end zone. The touchdown gave No. 6 Houston an early fourth-quarter lead that it never relinquished in a 40-16 win against Cincinnati at Nippert Stadium on Thursday.

Awesome article, but made me think of a rules question. On Johnson’s crazy fumble right before the half, the defender stepped out of bounds and was the first to touch the ball when he came back in. The play was reviewed and stood as called.

Last night in the 4th quarter of the ASU v. UTSA game, an ASU defender went out of bounds and was the first to touch the ball when he came back in and intercepted the pass. The play was reviewed and overturned. I can’t figure out what the difference is between a fumble and interception with regards to going out of bounds and being the first to touch the ball after coming back inbounds. Can anyone enlighten me, or should I chalk this up to AAC officials just being their normal terrible selves?

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Rule is different for passes and fumbles. You only need to re-establish yourself as inbounds to recover fumble.

Agree, but what is definition of “re-establish”.

1 foot or 2 feet?

I trust it is 1 foot because that was all he had inbounds before grabbing the ball.

College is 1 foot to be inbounds

Doc O’Shea is one of the best.

terrific story! Thanks for providing it, Patrick!

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