What’s the ACC upto throughout all this?

Are they eyeing picking-off West Virginia Cincy off our backside. This is like a big game of Risk! Man Kamchatka!


I think they could. They could even take UCF. You don’t want to add just enough then get raided. You want to add enough to survive the raid. That’s why the B12 took 4. They thought at the time they could lose two more.

In fact if they could talk ND into coming they could add three more and it looks like a power move.

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The ACC is jockeying for membership in the SEC and B1G. Their members know it’s a sinking ship, just sitting there and ready to be picked apart. I don’t think they’re interested in or even really capable of picking up anyone from the XII.


Hm, wouldn’t mind a big 12/ACC leftovers conference

Big12 is in the best position atm

Take leftovers of PAC.

Then best of the remainders of ACC.

3 power conferences of the B1G, Big12 and SEC