What the 2020-21 season could look like

this season is essentially a “tank”, so looking at what we are getting for it

assuming everyone comes back, 2020-21 could be scary special

everyone will have mastered the system (no longer holgs 1st year), everyone will be a year more developed

King in 2020
a back-up qb with 8-10 games of rep
1 semi-touted recruit…we are still in the running for a super touted qb

everyone is coming back…(not sure what is happening with lark tho)

we lose Patrick carr
but return kyle porter and maybe mulbah car (attempting to redshirt/ but porter injury might make it hard)

the only position group likely to be worse…losing 4 of the 5 starters…but our backups are very experienced and we’ll likely pick up juco/transfers

all the top performers on the Dline are coming back (turner/anenih).
both tackles are seniors, one is rumored to potentially redshirt too, unconfirmed…even if we lose both this is an area where we could improve, and potentially get players who can pass rush better …
chambers is also only a junior, would love for him to reclaim his spot and shine like pre-inury, but gut feeling is that he transfers

everyone is coming back
5* alabama transfer is added to mix

everyone is coming back
jordan moore is returning and has 8 games to work his way back into the lineup after early suspension
sitting out players become eligible (Thabo Mwaniki, Hasaan Hypolite)

Corner (our current worst group)
the 1 CB we are very high on comes back, Damarion Williams
we lose a cb we arent high on
shaun lewis who has held his own for a 1st time player comes back
tons of players become eligibile (Marcus Jones, Kelvin Clemmons)
ucla grad transfer Colin Samuel might get medical red-shirt
another cb we arent high on returns from injury

Special teams
everyone but the punter is coming back
marcus jones was an all-american returner (eligible next season)

offseason priority: (we have tons of ships left, only 8 commits)

  • getting juco/ grad transfer O-line if possible
  • improving at Dtackle/pass rush…maybe from the juco ranks
  • improving our current linebackers/nickle’s skills in coverage --potentially get more players for depth there and competition

we could be a few minor off-season improvements away from a potentially amazing 2020-2021 season


Thank you pesik for getting back to talking about football. All of these repetitive transfer,CDH sucks, we’re doomed, we’re a basketball school now, posts are getting old.


Next year has the potential to be salty. I think o line will be fine. Our OL coach is a rising star and the freshman who are red shirting have potential.

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Well, I guess welcome to the offseason… in september…

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Yes, thank you @pesik for giving us pollyanna’s a positive thread to live in for a while. I agree, if everyone comes back, next year is going to be awesome! I think our OL is struggling this year because it’s a hodge podge of returning guys and transfers, all of whom are having to learn a new system. And it doesn’t appear the transfers are all that good. I think that unit, whatever its makeup, will be much better next year after a full year of strength and conditioning, learning the system and gelling as a unit. In the event King doesn’t come back next year, we’re going to need a much better protected pocket for Tune (assuming he’s the man next year). On that note, I do wonder what this King news is doing to Malik Hornsby’s thought process.

I think we are going to be exponentially better on defense next year for the same reason as above. We’ve shown our guys can be coached up well because they play really well in the first half. Lack of depth is killing us in the second half. That can be fixed with time in the system and recruiting certain types of players.

No matter how this shakes out, I’m very much looking forward to next year. In fact, I’m kind of looking forward to the rest of this year just to see what we have. Who knows, there may be some studs on the bench that just needed a shake up to see the light of day and show what they can do. As a fanbase, we have been left at the altar so many times that many of us can’t help but assume the worst. For better or worse (I believe the better), we’re embarking on a period of coaching stability we haven’t seen in decades. Kudos to those of us who have the patience to wait and see. Go Coogs!


Lark seems to be in the dog house. He’s played four games, barely. I really like Trahan’s play catching the ball. He needs more work on his blocking. Other receivers still have a bad case of the drops. Crossing routes are tough for sure but they’ve got to make those catches.

I’m wondering if CDH red shirts Braylon and Jones and Williams. I know our pass protection isn’t great now and would be a lot worse if we sit those guys, but still, it would help next year. Really, though I think he red shirts Bardwell.

I want us to sign Paula Vaipulu from Channelview. 6’3" 303lbs. Something about a 300lb Tongan scowling at the opposition makes me all goose pimply! And then there is the war dance before the game!

Pesik, I would start with Tune at QB, I still think King & Corbin will be elsewhere. BTW, this idea that CDH is redshirting these 2 is wrong; they shut it down themselves, CDH did not initiate them redshirting and I surely don’t see him redhirting his starting OL.

Definitely. 5* Alabama transfer excepted, there just are not many 240 lb DEs who can battle all game with 300 lb tackles and still have gas in the tank in the 4th quarter. I would like to see Cauthen get much larger here.

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Our freshman kicker but a couple of kickoffs in the end zone vs PV. We need that on every kickoff, for the sake of my blood pressure! And, we have another kicker coming in.

I’ve heard it’s quite the number who will redshirt. If that’s the case, I expect King to come back.

Josh Jones and Jarrid Williams already redshirted in 2015. Bardwell and Braylon Jones have a redshirt year still.

how do you know King initiated it? I would like to read that article, news blurb or whatever.

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The ESPN article insinuates that is what happened.

WR (X) 13 Jeremy Singleton (6-0, 185, Jr.)
9 Courtney Lark (6-2, 200, Sr.)
WR (H) 5 Marquez Stevenson (6-0, 190, Sr.)
10 Bryson Jackson (6-0, 185, So.)
LT 56 Dixie Wooten III (6-3, 310, Jr.)
71 Max Banes (6-5, 301, So.)
LG 77 Keenan Murphy (6-3, 298, Sr.)
65 Gio Pancotti (6-6, 310, Sr.)
C 75 Jack Freeman (6-3, 278, So.)
73 Kameron Lewis (6-4, 268, So.
RG 64 Dennis Bardwell (6-7, 305, Jr.)
79 Chayse Todd (6-2, 270, RFr.
RT 70 Jordan Boatman (6-6, 325, Jr.)
76 Patrick Paul (6-7, 330, RFr.)
WR (Y) 2 Keith Corbin (6-1, 197, Sr.)
81 Tre’Von Bradley (6-1, 195, Jr.)
WR (Z) 1 Bryson Smith (6-0, 190, Jr.)
84 Cole McGowan (6-0, 190, Sr.)
TE (F) 85 Christian Trahan (6-3, 235, Jr.)
88 Shane Creamer (6-3, 230, Jr.)
QB 4 D’Eriq King (5-11, 195, Sr.)
3 Clayton Tune (6-3, 215, So.)
RB 22 Kyle Porter (5-9, 210, Jr.)
34 Mulbah Car (6-0, 215, Sr.)
BANDIT 98 Payton Turner (6-6, 288, Sr.)
30 Alexander Duke (6-2, 245, Jr.)
DT 93 Atlias Bell (6-3, 250, Sr.)
94 Isaiah Chambers (6-5, 265, Sr.)
NG 5 Aymiel Fleming (6-3, 295, Sr.)
90 Olivier Charles-Pierre (6-2, 345, Sr.)
DE 1 Eyabi Anoma (6-5, 250, So.)
12 David Anenih (6-2, 237, Jr.)
31 Derek Parish (6-2, 245, Jr…)
WILL 42 Terrance Edgeston (6-2, 220, Sr.)
15 Zamar Kirven (6-3, 205, Jr.)
MIKE 24 Donavan Mutin (6-0, 222, Jr.)
8 Jordan Carmouche (6-2, 255, Sr.)
NICKEL 3 Grant Stuard (6-1, 210, Sr.)
27 Amaud Willis-Dalton (6-1, 215, Jr.)
36 Jordan Moore (5-11, 192, So.)
CB 13 Marcus Jones (5-8, 175, Jr.)
25 D.J. Small (5-10, 185, Sr.)
18 Kelvin Clemmons (6’1, 195, Jr.)
FS 28 Thabo Mwaniki (5-11, 185, Jr.)
32 Gervarrius Owens (6-0, 200, Jr.)
21 Gleson Sprewell (6-2, 195, Sr.)
BS 2 Deontay Anderson (6-2, 217, Sr.)
17 Hasaan Hypolite (5-11, 205, So.)
CB 6 Damarion Williams (5-11, 170, Sr.)
39 Shaun Lewis (6-0, 190, Jr.)

Possible 2020 depth chart. Assumes King, Corbin, Lark, and Bardwell redshirt. Might even see Braylon Jones redshirt too.

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insinuations are not fact. The final decision is his no doubt but it sounds like this was a well calculated plan to give King a better chance with a better team. Currently, we are not that team.

Consider this. He has to wait until the end of the season to enter the transfer portal. That means if he does transfer he has one year left to learn the new system at the new school, learn the players, etc. For a good team to pick him up he would probably be backup otherwise they aren’t a good team because they need a QB badly. A team that needs a QB is probably not such a good team.

If he leaves, so what? He wasn’t going to be here anyway if he played this year.

I say he stays and works with a team, coach and system of which he already has first hand knowledge.


Oh yeah. I’m hoping we get Vaipulu too just for the war dance lol

Imagine if we did a variation of this before each game and stared down the opponents. If that don’t get you pumped I don’t know what will!!


I’m just answering the question you asked. I don’t have a dog in this fight about who did what first and who approached who.

I was the first one to post after the Wazzu game that if we lost to Tulane, I wouldn’t be surprised if King redshirts to transfer. People tore into me. Here we are.

got it. I am just looking for an article or proof that King said “I am initiating this and here is why”. Assuming is fine but not always accurate. To state King initiated the redshirt is conjecture unless we hear it from him or someone privy to the conversation between King and CDH.

Did he tweet it? I am not a twitter guy so I dont know. Where is the proof is all I am asking and to me ESPN is not proof. If they knew they would not insinuate, they would come right out and say it. All I have read so far is it was a decision discussed and made by CDH, King and King’s family

Really? I didn’t realize they’d been around so long. Thanks for straightening me out! Have a banana!