What the 2020-21 season could look like

He’s a Center, also a dynamic running back/slot.

the grad transfer from ucla could also get a medical redshirt at CB…and id probably put him over small…
and hope we pick up some pieces for the Dline if possible

Fumblerooski is made for a guy like him.

We will probably see 3 corners transfer in, and 4 offensive linemen.

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we already have 4 corners sitting out…the need to bring in new corners isnt as high… but oline is the big offseason task

Thank you Sir for this FINALLY a HC that knows what he’s doing and has long range vision…not just using the kids and UH for their own personal gain

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If the guys playing now are not winning, why do we expect a year on the pine will magically transform them into beasts? Don’t expect that having a team which is a year older will be all that much better with the same set of moving parts.

we are switching from a briles offense to holgs air raid on offense… we are switching from a 3-4 defense to a version of the 4-3 defense

it way more than being a year older, its about mastering a completely new system on both sides of the ball, your point would be stronger if this was year 4 of a coach, but this is year 1 the transition year

also this will be kings 1st season in the same offense for more than 1 year .

also we are losing but we arent getting destroyed…we were up on wazzu most of the game…we competed with oklahoma 3 quarters… and were up 28-7 on tulane…a few minor improvements and that wazzu game and tulane games are wins

then add we have 6 super touted defensive players sitting out, with most of our current defense returning

there is already a lot to like about next season “as is”… but we still have 10-15 scholarships to play with…so it could get even better

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Its not the same set of parts. Have you seen the list of Transfers coming in next year?