What we really need to happen

Everybody can shake off the non expansion by the Big 12 and say it doesn’t hurt us, but it does. It sets a precedent for other conferences to wait until around 2022 or 2023 to make moves since the Big 10, SEC, or PAC could have a UT or OU fall in their lap (Kansas basketball and OSU/Tech to a lesser extent too). Our only hope would be the ACC, but there is little there to indicate they make a move either. So these are the things that would greatly help us out:

  1. Playoff expansion to 8 teams. Even if it doesn’t include a G5 slot, this will greatly help us. Let’s look at reality, we have a great win over OU and a couple wins over solid teams with a loss to a solid Navy. And we are ranked #11. We win out and are for sure a top 8 team. Even in years when we don’t have two big P5 games, there is a reasonably route to get into the top 8 almost every year. I honestly don’t know if this will happen before 2026 or the possibilities, but this is the biggest domino for us.

  2. A way to keep our coaches budget where it is and make a big push to keep Herman. I know some will say we can find another good coach, but they are way overstating that. A few years of us falling off could kill everything. We need to continue to increase alumni donations and keep the big donors involved.

  3. A good OOC schedule every year. Again, in reality we wont be able to get an OU and Louisville like this probably ever again as long as we are a good G5, but we still need quality opponents and two P5s a year. If we have to beat up on mid level P5s like Tech and Arizona every year, we need to do it. Also our G5 games can’t be two pushovers. Schedule the best of the MWC, MAC, or BYU as a game each year to go along with our local G5 game. Some luck with Arizona/Tech making a top 25 run would help us too.

  4. A top level basketball program. The 30 for 30 Phi Slama Jama is airing tonight. Even if we don’t get back to that level, there is no reason why we can’t be a top 25 team and make a run similar to Memphis. I think we are on the way there with the practice facility and new arena planned, but coach money comes into play again. Hopefully fans will increase for basketball as this keeps our schools name in the sports news until late March or (hopefully even) April which is great for our brand.

Of course other things go without saying: increased alumni involvement, increased push in academics, winning games, etc. Just my thoughts on some things that can really help us.


Good breakdown.

  1. Probably won’t happen until next decade as they signed a 10 year contract and we’re only in year 3. If we are still G5 by then and they do expand, we really need to make a big push to ensure they take the best G5 team.

  2. Key for the coaches’ budget is to keep buying tickets and donating which means to keep winning.

  3. Agree on the 2 P5 and I believe AD Yurachek has said that is his goal every year. BYU would be a nice add to the schedule as well as they bring big crowds and big ratings. I have no problem with scheduling a local creampuff G5 every year though; helps with recruiting and gives fans a good roadie other than SMU or Tulane.

  4. Yes. Have to support basketball. Our attendance is embarrassing. Hopefully, the team has a good year and makes a tourney run or 2 in the next 2 years and then we open the new arena. Got to fill it though. We also need to get out there and support other sports, especially when they are winning. Baseball had a couple of good years there and we didn’t come close to selling out the stadium for most games. Remember, Cougar Pride donations support all athletes. Also, conferences like the PAC12 and B1G care a lot about the non-revenue sports.

Academics is often left out of the equation, but we have to keep improving. We’ve come a long way in the last decade, but we have to keep bringing grad rates up. The UHin4 program will hopefully payoff in this area.

Lastly, we need political support. Need to keep electing UH grads and supporting the UH-PAC. They are the ones fighting for more educational support in Austin and getting the governor to be on our side.

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