What would it take- UH to B1G

Say…With the LA additions, the B1G pauses expansion for at least a decade and by the time they seriously revisit it…they decide consider all current options.

What would it take for the University of Houston to be a serious option?

We already have the Houston and Texas market working for us but we will have to do the following in our upcoming decade in the Big 12

  1. AAU status …ask Law about this requirement above everything else.

  2. Complete proposed Football Facility upgrades plus probably a stadium expansion, due to demand

  3. Consistently improve our TV numbers and our presence in the City of Houston to prove we aren’t a UT + TAMU market alone

  4. Success on the field / court. Our basketball team is already there but we would have to maintain it in the Big 12. On Football, we will have to get our depth up to endure a P5 schedule and probably win a handful of Big 12 Championships to show we can build a top team with the recruits we keep saying we never had access to.

  5. Not as important, but we need to elevate Baseball and Women’s Basketball and maybe add Woman’s Gymnastics and Wrestling.


On point number 3, it wouldn’t be good enough to have improved numbers and be a close second or third to the SEC and Texas and Aggie specifically. For the B1G we’d have to essentially expel them from Houston otherwise there’s no way we’d be monetarily justified.


In order to have any chance at all, we’ll need to do everything you listed.

Starting with #1.


Do you think we can obtain AAU status in the next decade?

We are approaching an important milestone in 5 years- we become a 100 year old University.

No that is a 25-30 year goal. But it is an attainable goal and we are on that path.

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Is stadium seating expansion necessary? Someone has to have the smallest stadium in the Big Ten. The demand would only be off the charts for two or three games each season.

61k Illinois
57k Purdue
54k Maryland
53k Indiana
52k Rutgers
51k Minnesota
47k Northwestern


It’s hard to get accepted in that AAU country club unless the B1G really wants us and can get enough votes to get us in. Other than that, I don’t see it happening within the next 15 years.

Yes, we are still 7k smaller than Northwestern and we need upgrades, including awnings.

50k is probably a reasonable size.

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All the above as stated. UH will have to win consistently. Get capacity to 60k and fill stadium consistently. More booster involvement and the casual fan involvement. Yormark making the B12 more hipper and appealing statement is right on target imho. Interpret his statement as meaning start cultivating tomorrow fans today with the younger generation. I had a simple marketing solution I made to Mack back in the day when his was AD.l here I suggested we mail out a half million UH car decal logo stickers to targeted homes ( with that saturation you get hopefully 50k- 100k who represent on their cars) with a letter making them honorary Coogs and have them send a photo showing there representing and we have a drawing every week to offer about 5-10 winning families free attendance to UH home games with limited coupons for free concessions. We are in big city competing with the NFL as well as other leagues USFL, XFL etc. Winning cures many ills.

Keys to are

  1. Winning

  2. Marketing, marketing, marketing.

  3. Which hopefully creates community involvement.

  4. Which hopefully Increase fan viewership and GameDay attendance


Also add hockey since that’s a B1G Sport.

AAU is gonna happen faster than we’d think. 50 in 5 is one initiative.


I wouldn’t say that it is impossible, but it’ll be tough.

Remember, other non-AAU schools like Cincy are already ahead of us in research.

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Would you say the University of Cincinnati is the closest "twin " to the University of Houston?

USF on that note too, no?

The two schools are quite similar!

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What would it take?

Come on man. Be reasonable.

I have to accept that I am not the best looking guy in the room. I have to accept I not the richest guy in the room. I am not even the smartest guy in the room. Well, a couple of rooms I am.

With age comes acceptance.

We are what we are.

Lets worry about this year, then doing well in a tough new conference and getting some more folks to more games.

Lets think about people not showing up because it is too early, too late, too hot, too wet, kids sports, weekend chores, before midterms, after midterrms, 3 day weekend, religous holidays, parking problems, food too expensive, food stinks, not enough bathrooms, no place to tailgate.

Lets be happy for what we are.

Sorry for the rant.

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Coog boog said we’d end up in the Big10 with Nebraska. Going forward, I don’t think the big 10 cares about AAU but Khator has a 5 yr goal for us and hasn’t failed yet.


Also I don’t she wants us to be AAU for nothing so I think it’s strategic goal for athletics.

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the excuses Houston folks make about missing games are laughable - one thing we’ve proven in Houston is our lack of retaining tradition as we constantly chase newer things - if you look at Aldine, HISD, Fort Bend, etc ISDs we have tons of high schools with history left for dead

the area around UH is primed to be 80% transient with all these condos and student apartments so how do we get that same family who moves to the super outer burbs (past the Grand Parkway) to come to 3rd ward consistently like our Aggie, UT, Baylor counterparts?

A 3pm game in September won’t do it.

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but Aggie - Longhorn, etc shows up for their 2:30 pm game in September - and they drive in for it so what’s the excuse?

We want to play with the Big boys, take big boy money but don’t want to accept the orders for taking their money (when to play games) - either we stay or go so we can play late games.


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