What would it take- UH to B1G

We are not them. Most programs are not them.

Real talk- what are the reasons why we aren’t in that tier?

We are a 100 year old University with almost 50,000 students and are second in the state with # of on-campus beds.

We also have more alums within a 30 minute druve than almost all P5 programs.

So…what is it really?

Don’t say the city of Houston and there are many things to do. The B1G just added two schools IN Los Angeles!

No excuses- what is it really?


IMO when the BIG10 took Pedo State and Rutgers TV/media markets took precedence over academics, research, AAU status and all that other horsecrap. Frankly, I am surprised by the addition of USC/UCLA but even MORE surprised the BIG 10 didn’t try to get a toehold in Texas already, especially after the farmers bolted to the SEC and the SEC got into the Texas market. I have always thought U of Houston would be a perfect candidate for the BIG 10.


Apathy by the administration towards athletics, and the university as a whole, for 20 out of the past 30 odd years.

Incompetence by the athletics department during that time as well.

Lack of budget in athletics which helps explain the incompetence.

Lack of a long term vision that resulted in millions of wasted dollars in capital campaigns.

Those are the big four. Everything else, including a mediocre win loss record and lack of building a fan base, stems from those.

That right there is the reason we are where we are - why can’t we be them? What makes them special?

The reason they get t-shirt fans cause folks want to join something they see is thriving

We got to break this sad thinking we can’t get on their level when we have a city full of folks - football is only 4 months a year so there’s no excuse why we can’t plan accordingly


Exactly what I wrote in my post directly before yours.

For me it is the type of students we accept.

Only a small % of our students want a college experience or even something to do with their Alma mater, after graduation.

Almost all of my former classmates want nothing to do with UH after graduating. Most don’t even own a single UH cap or t-shirt . Why?

The fact that we have so many sons and daughters “choosing” not to be legacies insteasd seeking a college that provides that college experience is proof we still have a long way to go.

For most, their parent was the typical UH student- first in their family or first generation American or part time student.

I don’t want us to just be a degree factory.

We must do these 3 things

  1. Seek out more traditional students even if Dr. Khator has to revisit the on campus first year requirement. Many public schools require this!
  2. Find creative way to encourage development in the adjacent third ward. We need a city centre type development next to the campus.
  3. Provide more social student events. Look at what our peers like UCF are doing. Look at Texas A&M and how mych they invest in their new students wirh things like Fish Camp

We still have a long way to go

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I’m sure I am in the minority, but I have zero interest in joining the Big 10. That’s not us. I think our Big 12 landing spot is fantastic for us and makes the most sense. The Big 10 is just a cash grab. Our football and basketball is not going to be any more exciting or competitive because we are playing Michigan and Nebraska rather than Baylor and Oklahoma State. I think we have a competitive recruiting advantage for football in the Big 12 that we might lose if we are in the Big 10. I don’t think that many kids are going to choose to stay home if Ohio State comes calling.

Why would you think that?

Our non-AAU status makes UH not only a less than perfect candidate for the B1G, but moreover, a NON-candidate.

Hopefully that will change in the future.

AAU should be a goal apart from the Big 10. The majority of the AAU is not part of the Big 10 and has no intention of being so.

It is a nice academic pursuit. Means nothing to the average graduate or even the non-tenure track (which is the majority) instructional staff.

Was the Big10 willing to take OU in a package deal with UT?

The strategy of adding schools in Los Angeles and then mentioning they are interested in Miami helped our cause.

They are actively considering big market schools


I cannot imagine that they would be, given that OU is both a) not AAU, AND b) was behind UH is attaining R1.

OU was always better SEC material than B1G material.

Hadn’t heard that.

Never heard of the B1G being seriously interested in any non-AAU school other than ND.

ND is literally the exception that proves the rule.

You might be only a handful that would turn down the opportunity to be part of the P2, and play higher profile opponents and make twice as much to do so.

I don’t like West Virginia, Iowa State, Kansas State or TCU that much to turn down that golden ticket.

The B1G 10 stalling helps our cause- we have work to do but we have work to do!

If Dartmouth can get AAU, ND can as well.

I dunno. Dartmouth has a med school that ND doesn’t.

Not as much research going on in South Bend.

I just looked it up.

Dartmouth has a research budget of $342 million.

ND……about $100 million less. Enough for R1 and a bit ahead of UH, but probably not up to AAU levels.

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If the ‘Powers that Be’ ( B1G 10, State of Texas, our politicians/ big donors, etc.) wanted the University of Houston to be AAU, they will fast track our admission. We a large public school in a large research city so it makes sense.

Well Kevin Warren did speak of future B1G realignment.

Warren said he was proud that USC and UCLA are AAU (Association of American University) members but also said being an AAU member is not a requirement for a potential future member.

Unless he is only speaking of Notre Dame.

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