What's New at TDECU in 2021

New stadium WIFI for concourse and lower seating bowl
Upgraded concession stands
Upgraded videoboards
Upgraded Club seats
New signage and décor throughout TDECU Stadium  

Chartwells the new food service vendor. No idea what that is.

Tacos A Go-Go, Papa John’s, Chick-fil-A, Turkey Leg Hut, Miss Patty’s The Burger Queen, Fry Shack, Smoked and the Waffle Bus


Waffle Bus!!!

No BBs?

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Bring Back James Coney Island !!!


Looking forward to the tailgating on the rebuilt Cullen Blvd

I was just on Cullen last week – wasn’t really paying attention, but I don’t think it was rebuilt between Holman and Wheeler. From Wheeler to MacGregor is complete (and looks great). I wasn’t on Cullen north of Holman, so no idea what that looks like.

Also – pretty sure Chartwells is a resurrection of an old vendor. I swear they were on campus when I was at UH in the early 90’s. Seems like we just rotate between 2 or 3 different vendors every few years.

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They need to replace all bleachers with regular seats.

I would like to propose a trade: Wifi that doesn’t work in exchange for palm trees.

Thank you for your consideration.


Even better, install wifi on top of the palm trees! Then we would be cooking with gas


Not a new idear…:slight_smile:


Can we get those transplanted

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So new video boards out of the blue, is that a sign that it is popping bottles time?

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What about the IPF?

I feel like “new stadium wifi” is a yearly topic and it still sucks on gameday…


Maybe it was from the XFL money that UH wasn’t paid?

New wifi = 1 linsys router fire the whole stadium


yeah pretty sure chartwells was on campus back when Kim Son used to be in the Towers cafeteria.

Higher prices! :slight_smile:

A winning football team?