What's your hobby? (Besides Coogfans)

So, what’s your hobby?

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Golf and my kiddos I also spend time raising money chairing and just serving as a Rotarian.

Video Games, books, and I used to play a lot of sports (current health doesn’t allow for that). Hope to get back to running soon.

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@pray10 Have you read Ready Player One? Its a good video game (and 80’s) oriented book.

fitness and working out, books, movies, travel, shot glass collecting, spectator sports, theater, Elks, KofC

aside from football—Classical guitar, piano, lots of books, history, ancient languages, biblical study, world religions, teaching and playing with my kids.

I travel a lot, so I make darn sure to get my fair share of fishing, range shooting, bird hunting and drinking cold beer checked off my to-do list when I can . You only get one ride on this planet, so you might as well enjoy it.


Golf, hunting and fly-fishing (fresh and saltwater). Cougar football in the fall rules - don’t miss any home games and ususally try to make at least one or two away. And grandkids, for sure.

I’m all over the place. I play indoor soccer almost weekly. I try to get some golf and in-line hockey in when I can. I play a few computer games. Scouting is starting to play a bigger role as my son gets older, though I’ve always liked the outdoors. I used to enjoy going to concerts, but it seems my concert buddies are becoming less and less these days…

I find time to workout, play flag football in local leagues, and watch sports such as football, soccer, and basketball.

I play golf (poorly) and I build and repair golf clubs although I’ve stored my equipment due to lack of space at the moment

I author (that may not be the right word) a couple of blogs dealing with sports memorabilia.

I enjoy sampling craft beers

I follow my favorite teams (Coogs, Orioles, Texans, NY Rangers and Man U) although I don’t watch much televised sports

I collect sports and presidential memorabilia

I read, mostly historical fiction and bios of US presidents and politicians.

I love detailing my car, when the weather permits :umbrella:

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I like hiding from people. When I feel like getting out I go to New York and then turn around and go home. I grow plants and then set them free. Whenever I find english books in foreign countries I bring them home.

No, I’ll have to check it out.

I’m also a Man Utd fan!

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I do jiu jitsu, boxing and some muay thai. Love grappling.

I also started doing some woodworking. Here is a pic of a patio table I built without power tools.

And some chairs…

Oh, cigars…

And biking…

And my wonderful family…

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Training champion border collies


Music; most of it in the alt-country, roots rock, Americana vein. Little, if any of it, ever heard on the radio.

Always one to promote a buddy…check out John Evans new album Polyester…it is amazing.


I am definitely going to check him out; like I said great music that’s never been heard by the masses is one of my hobbies.

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Ian, thanks for the suggestion. I just ordered his CD after listening to a few tracks on YouTube. I see he wrote a few tracks for/with Hayes Carll. It’s good to see music like this come out of Austin again.

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