When a “billionaire” shakes down working class Americans

We’re going full Swaggert :smirk: so sad

Seriously, how much blackmail does Trump have on Graham?

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, pleaded with viewers on Fox News Wednesday to donate small increments to Donald Trump or to pray. The Morning Joe panel shares their thoughts on Graham’s pleas.

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Trump must have some serious dirt on him.

If you’re down to your last dollar, send it.


The worst part is, those who continue to donate to this grifter will eventually realize they’re out of money and blame the Democrats.


And once they give Trumps puts them on a monthly giving plan.

Would calling that level of grift, where donations are defaulted to recurring withdrawals in fine print deplorable be accurate or

unfair wokeness by the demoncrat party putting up abortion clinics everywhere African-Americans live resulting in genocide?

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Lazy meme is lazy.

We all agree SBF is a scumbag.

He will go down.


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Seriously ?

A politician using an event for fundraising ? that never happens !

Moving on to other threads.

Honestly, you of all people will never tell me to “move on”. You’re one of the dense ones.