When is the Red & White game? Friday April 12th at 7pm

I haven’t seen much on spring football. Go Coogs!

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According to the Above link, it’s scheduled for Friday, April 12th at 7pm Central. However, nothing official has come out from UH and the spring schedule hasn’t been released. All we know is that spring football practices start next week.

According to this article, spring game date is official.

Well that sucks. I will be back in Martinez, CA doing a detail working on upgrade of client’s control system power sytem for 5 units of the refinery. At least it won’t be -22 like in Mandan, ND

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I haven’t seen anything since this about the spring game…what’s the deal??

Is King going to play at all Friday night??

I was just thinking…

I bet the AAC Spring Football games will be available on ESPN+ under the new deal going forward.

Would be a nice perk!


Well, is anybody awake in our Athletic Department? If they want ANY.ONE to be there, they had better start talking about the game, at least on the Internet! Now less than a week from the game - and “crickets”!