When will kickoff time be released for Cincy?

I have conflicting events and it’s driving me crazy that I don’t know

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Should be Tuesday

Thought they announce on Monday

Remember, the game is in 2 weeks.

SEC just released their kickoff times, they are usually the first to announce. Potential TV slots remaining for the Coogs vs Cincy:

11:00 - ESPN2
2:30 - ESPNU, ESPN2
7:00 - ESPNU

Obviously ESPN3 is an option at any time slot, but Cincy-UH and Memphis-Temple are the top 2 AAC games of the week and would be extremely likely to be on one of the ESPN networks.

Hoping for a 7:00 game. Gotta coach baseball until 2:00.

This is one of the rare instances where I’m personally hoping for an early kickoff, because I have a flight to catch that evening.

That being said, later kickoffs generally seem to work better for our fanbase. And daytime heat can still be pretty oppresive in October.

Early games do seem to be a killer on attendance because we lose the fans that have kids in morning sports.

11:00 AM ESPNU slot now off the board (Miami Ohio at Western Michigan). Looking more and more likely to be a 2:30 kick.

BYU at South Florida will be at 2:30 on CBSSN. Looks like we will definitely be on an ESPN network

Navy at Tulsa got the 6:30 ESPNU slot. We will be at 11:00 or 2:30.

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2:30 on ESPN2.


Last year, the high was 84 on October 12th. Would rather have 2:30 so that some of the humidity burns off.

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So, the tv networks are scheduling 2 weeks in advance now ?

They’ve been announcing times 12 days out for a while now. The networks have the option of a “6 day hold” 4 times per year to wait on outcomes of prior weeks games before scheduling TV slots the Sunday before.



Game time is 2:30


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