When your governor offers his clear support

That’s a big deal. When your governor is a UT grad, and throws in his support. That’s an even bigger (albeit shocking) deal.

No doubt. This is going to happen. UH is in.

While I am excited at the prospect, I won’t be celebrating until the check clears and the contracts signed. I am still reeling from the Big East fake-out implosion.

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And I have seen OU and UT responses to the tweets saying they are gone after the GOR expires. But that is not for another 10 years, right? Easy decision for UH to take tens of millions of $ over the next 8 or 9 years until that happens. It should put UH in a good position when/if UT and/or OU leave. And, with a P5 affiliation, Herman gets his raise and hopefully stabilizes the UH coaching position.

Now we wait…

Finally reaching the end of 20+ Years in the Wilderness…

Definitely way more support than we got back in the day under Ann Richards.


love it, Stevo!!

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