Where are Coogs playing over the summer?

There is usually a thread this time of year about who is playing where, i.e. various wood bat leagues around the country, etc.

Anyone have any info?

Many schools have already issued a press release on where their players are going. I suspect we have a little bit bigger hurdle internally since we need to tactfully clear a sizable path for this 2016 class. We are well over the 35 allotted spots so my guess is we are trying to get these guys on elsewhere.

I am sure the core returning players which I mentioned in the other thread are in good shape and we will hear more shortly.

Been able to track down 14. I’ll keep looking.

Cape Cod League
Connor Wong - Bourne Braves
Corey Julks - Bourne Braves (No longer on roster)

Northwoods League
Marshall Kasowski - Lakeshore Chinooks
Nolan Bond - Lakshore Chinooks
Zac Taylor - Lakeshore Chinooks
Connor Hollis - Lakeshore Chinooks (Injured and was waived from the team)

Ohio Valley League
Riley Richert - Hoptown Hoppers
Allonte Wingate - Hoptown Hoppers
Wendell Champion - Hoptown Hoppers

Coastal Plain League
Gino Marucci - Forest City Owls (On Roster but hasn’t played yet)

New England Collegiate Baseball League
Grayson Padgett - Upper Valley Nighthawks

California Collegiate League
Tanner Lawson - Santa Barbara Foresters
Jake Scheiner - Healdsburg Prune Packers
Clay Casey - Menlo Park Legends

Texas Collegiate League
John Grimsley - Brazos Valley Bombers

Thanks for the info!

I was able to find a couple more

Incoming JUCO transfer, John Grimsley, is playing for the Brazos Valley Bombers in the Texas Collegiate Legaue.

Incoming JUCO transfer, Jake Scheiner, is playing for the Healdsburg Prune Packers of the California Collegiate League

Stats update on those that are playing - Hitters are doing very well; pitchers are a mixed bag.

And summer rankings from http://www.collegiatesummerbaseball.com/
2 Bourne Braves (Wong, Julks)
9 Brazo Valley Bombers (Grimsley)
33 Hoptown Hoppers (Wingate, Champion, Richert)

Updated summer league stats & found another Coog: Clay Casey is playing for the Menlo Park Legends in the California Collegiate League

And summer rankings from http://www.collegiatesummerbaseball.com/2
3 Bourne Braves (Wong, Julks)
15 Brazo Valley Bombers (Grimsley)
27 Hoptown Hoppers (Wingate, Champion, Richert)

Wingate is named to the Ohio Valley League’s All-Star game.

Updated Summer League Stats; Scheiner, Casey, and Padgett continue to rake; Grimsley and Wingate stay steady, Kasowski is dominant, Bond looks good after moving to a starters role, and Lawson is starting to settle down.

Updated Top 35: http://www.collegiatesummerbaseball.com/top-35-college-baseball-teams/

9 - Brazos Valley Bombers (23-5) - Grimsley
31 - Hoptown Hoppers (22-5) - Wingate, Champion, Richert

Padgett is also an all-star. That makes at least 3:

Casey also named a summer league all-star:

Conor Wong gets mention and an interview (at around 3:00) in the latest episode of Tomahawk Chop after hitting his 3rd home run of the Summer (Bourne only has 6 total this year). Interviewer mentions that Wong is the only Catcher left on the team going forward. Wong also made the all-star team for Bourne:

Updated Summer Stats: Wingate had a terrific week raising his average 26 points, Kasowski and Bond continue to pitch well in starting roles, Wong and Grimsley continue to be steady, while Padgett and Casey cooled off a bit.

Updated Top 35: http://www.collegiatesummerbaseball.com/top-35-college-baseball-teams/

7 - Brazos Valley Bombers (28-5) - Grimsley
31 - Hoptown Hoppers (25-5) - Wingate, Champion, Richert

Jake Scheiner looks like the real deal. He hit .400+ at the junior college level.

Healdsburg Prune Packers??? I’m thinking that’s in Sonoma County wine country. How about the Grape Growers instead?

Scheiner is going to be solid. He and Barfield are really going to beef up our infield bats

Wingate, Champion and Richert get a Summer League Championship!

Latest update, pretty good week for the Coogs. Wong is on fire and hit a homerun in the All-Star game. Wingate continues to rake and hit his first homer of the season. Casey’s been on fire and even Champion did solid. Kasowski continues to pitch well and got another win. Padgett and Grimsley look to have left their team and Scheiner hasn’t played in awhile so I think he’s left his team as well.

Latest Top 35: http://www.collegiatesummerbaseball.com/top-35-college-baseball-teams/

Brazos Valley #5 (33-5) - Grimsley - They’ve won 19 in a row
Hoptown Hoppers #30 (33-7) - Wingate, Champion, Richert - Already clinched the #1 seed in the playoffs

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