Where are Sasser, Mark and subs?

It looks like a six player team. I don’t see many players subbing. Go Coogs!

Marcus has a toe injury, Chaney hand injury, and Mark shoulder injury.

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Marcus, supposedly a toe injury. I hope Mark doesn’t need surgery

Knee surgery?! I thought it was his shoulder?!

Lol :joy:

I think spell check got you.


Good to see that Ramon Walker got seven minutes.

What about progress of:
Kiyron Powell (soph, all-Academic team)
Robbie Armbrester (frosh)

Ramon Walker only played because of how shorthanded our guard rotation was. He’s evidently ahead of Robbie Armbrester in the rotation, and I’m sure we’ll see Walker play more in blowouts. But he doesn’t look ready for real minutes quite yet. Javier Francis we’ll continue to see in minutes once games have been decided, but we never really got to that point last night. Kiyron Powell is redshirting this season so we will not be seeing him in games.


Thanks. Do we expect to have everyone back for Saturday night’s game?

Sasser and Chaney likely back, and Mark is questionable.


5 guys scored 71 points last night.

Only Walker and Roberts off the bench and, together, played 21 minutes.

No Armbrester nor Francis. Why?


Evidently, coach doesn’t think either is ready for real game-deciding minutes yet.

Glad to see Roman Walker getting some minutes. He wasn’t hitting shots last night but his stroke looks just fine. I expect him to show improvement, but I don’t expect him to see significant minutes unless we have players out with injuries. Then again, Sampson said just a few weeks ago during an interview that Ramon was playing well before his injury, so it doesn’t surprise me that he’s ahead of the other young guys.

What was said as to how Mark again injured his shoulder?

Not sure, didn’t someone say he had ice on it during Alabama game?

Originally, Mark may have injured his shoulder in the scrimmage game?

Can someone translate young person talk for me? Not sure what this means.


I think he probably was at the grocery store trying to buy some beef.


Sharp will be available for practice 2 weeks from today.

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He’s worried about gas prices at the pump. And also the next NATO meetings as the fight for Oil continues. Sticking to that opinion.


Dunno. Wife just paid $14 for 2 pounds of bacon. She said there were only 7 packages of bacon at Sam’s.

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Was Armbrester on our bench last night?

Someone on another forum said he has left the team.