Where are Sasser, Mark and subs?

Yes - Armbrester was on the bench during the Louisiana game and actively cheering the team on. Where do people come up with this stuff?


Robbie was there

Ramon got minutes but needs to improve a little. Glad to see him play but needs to catch up.

Can Sharp play next semester?

Could he play, yes. He’d use up a year of eligibility. Can he play or actually contribute? Pretty doubtful,

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What are the red shirt rules in basketball. How much can you play without losing your red shirt.

You cannot play at all. Any action in a game will burn the redshirt (different from the football rules).


Would be great if basketball did like football and Spring enrollees could play like 4-5 games or a certain amount of minutes without using a year of eligibility


Agree. Would really help some of the young guys get a feel for the game and let the coaches watch how they handle a real game. I can’t really fathom how allowing a few games would be detrimental to any program or the NCAA.

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Coach has been playing 11 guys during our blowouts.

Our depth seems to be very good. Note that Moore replaced Sasser on Tuesday night and had a solid game. He can hit 3’s.

Carlton is close to being a “Monster” and will be a tremendous force the rest of the season.

In blowouts yes. But we are clearly currently a 9 man rotation team. We could really use the freshman stepping up, usually takes them half a year to get comfortable so there is still time.


Next to NO chance Sharp plays this season. He does give us another player for practice so there is value for the team this season.