Where are the OL recruits?

I love seeing all the talent Holgorsen is bringing in at WR, TE , DL, DB etc…

But where are the OL signees? You can never have enough OL talent and we need it ASAP.



My thoughts are that they’ll try to bring in some immediate impact OL via the transfer portal.

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Which is where the majority who signed today came from-- Transfer Portal. No OL help yet! :man_shrugging::ok_man:

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I’m talking about ESPECIALLY about the transfer portal.

I don’t expect high school signees to help in the immediate future, so I’m just wondering when we are going to get some OL signees? I keep hoping to see them, but I keep seeing other positions.


Yes, we are own the same page. That’s what my post was trying to say, the Transfer portals are signing today, but yet no OL as of yet. Keep moving frwd at this point.

It takes two to tango.

A lot of the top OL’s seem to be going to places where they’re getting paid the big buck$.
ATM and UT-A are making $MU’s Pony Express days look like child’s play.

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Didn’t we get the 4* OL?

We got
Demetrius Hunter 4 :star: IOL 6’2 315lbs
Tevin Shaw 3 :star: IOL 6’5 285lbs
Karson Jones 3 :star: OT 6’5. 290lbs


Only OL I saw that signed yesterday based off UH Football media was Trevin Shaw. 3* out of Manvel. CDH like most coaches don’t really want to count on Frosh at the OL position unless they really stand out n are ahead of the curve. Definitely still a need position in eyes of Staff.

Edit: Hunter is a good one. Decommtted from OU. But again coming out of H.S

Is Karson Jones the one thst went by "Pancake " or is that another one that signed in early period during December.

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That would be Demetrius “Pancake” Hunter.



Don’t we have about 12 or so freshman returning ?

I feel confident that we will bring in a tackle and a guard. And both will play a meaningful part in our conference championship season.

We signed 3

Already have 16 on the roster.