Where is Coog Boog when we need him

We need another Coog Boog reading. Where are you Coog Boog?


Coog Boog predicted Piland would go down and O’Korn would take over

He predicted ACC then later big 10. All this movement who knows.

Yes we do …calling Coog Boog !

Remember y’all he said we would to the ACC !

The ebony orb will have the last say

I don’t remember his psychic say B10. I thought only ACC. I might be wrong.

He said it would be the Acc to balance out Miami then later to the big 10 with Nebraska wanting us for Texas recruiting. Maybe if fla st leaves for the big 10 or some others get plucked , it could sound reasonable.

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His VooDoo witch doctor failed to renew her license and because of covid she ran outa chicken bones … as the Florida guv doesn’t believe in wearing masks or taking the vaccine … sooo without her chicken bones its not safe to exit your home in Fla …

Coog Bong could well be GWTW … where’s my box of Kleenex …

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