Where is MHP?

Is Mikal Harrison-Pilot redshirting? I do not think he has played this year. Great talent. With the WRs collectively under-performing, why not throw MHP in the mix and give him some playing time?

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What makes you think our receivers are under performing? Looks to me we are more often than not failing to get them the ball

Too many drops.


I saw one easy pass dropped that probably would have been a touchdown but I saw tons of passes that were uncatchable for whatever reason.
If Pilot was ready I have no doubt he would be playing

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I could see holgy believing someone was better and living with that. He thinks we can run between the tackles, and he really believes that, so why do you think he would believe a player is not good enough but really is?

Several first down opportunities dropped butch. Cmon.

I’m not saying bench anyone. But, don’t make it seem like ther was only one meaningful drop.

Matt had at least two big ones himself.


I’m going to say this if they pull his redshirt Dana is feeling the heat.

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I will defer to CDH on this. I was not sure if they had announced MHP is redshirting and I missed it, or if he was injured, or if he needs more time in the program. I hope we see him this year. Maybe they are holding him back so he can debut against UT.

Well I’m old and May missed one or two but to me the drop of the touchdown was the biggie.
Please don’t make it sound like the receivers were why we lost the game.
With chances running out late in the game and the Coogs down 16, I still marvel that any quarterback would run towards the sidelines looking for a receiver and then throw the ball 30 yards out of bounds.
Not saying the receivers can’t improve, but that play showed me how far our qb has to go

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Come on butch. No one said the receivers lost the game. What are we doing here?

You change the target and move the goal line quickly man.

Believe I recall CDH mentioning that he intended MHP to red-shirt in a pre-season interview.

If so, I suspect the high profile game against ATX is probably one of the games he’ll play.

What about Campbell? What happened to him?

Earl? I hear he has a couple of bad knees but a year of eligibility!


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Talk about all the dropped passes. I simply said I didn’t see but a couple…am I missing something LOL…

I always figured we would see MHP in the max of 4 games to keep his rs. Nothing factual to back that up.

Ankle I think

I think its a QB problem. Our receivers drop the ball a few times but theyre not the problem.

There is certainly enough blame to share, but the receivers have not played up to their capability. Brown has been UH’s best receiver so far. In three games, the TE has caught 2 passes for 9 yards. I would be happy with 2-3 passes to the TE a game to move the chains and keep the D guessing.

Probably not missing anything. I’m known for reading half the comments and responding.

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