Where’s the Offense

The offense is non existent. Ugly! To my dismay, there’s No way this is the 25th best team in America.

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OC is garbage

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Our offense leaves a lot to be desired. It has beem very hard to watch.

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Tune has not evolved as a passer at all. Sorry to say that. He has no concept when and where to throw. He can run and has lot of heart but as a passer he is just not there.

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Kiss the top 25 goodbye unless this offense wakes up!

We’re waiting until the 2nd half, just like last week. Duh :crazy_face:

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Play calling is really really bad

Play calling sucks too

At the beginning of the game the announcers where claiming this would be a shootout. I was thinking, “doesn’t it take two for a shootout?”.

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Dawson is a flaming bad of dog mess.

Henry should never get the ball at RB. He’s not big enough and doesn’t handle the ball well.

Tune is going to need to make quicker decisions to run, if the Coogs are going to come back

There was one series where we started throwing screens and even a cross route and was working but then we suddenly stopped. It also does not takena genious to know that you run Campbell the strength back up the middle and Henry the fast back to the sides.

Henry ran all over us when he was at TT, embarrassed us

That one series Dawson was calling screen and dump passes and even a cross route and it was working then suddenly he just stopped. That play calling on passes was like Dana calling the plays. Go back to those calls. Get our receivers and backs in space.

Tune is a average qb. I’ve been saying this since day one. What’s worse is that our offense is very vanilla, no imagination or innovation at all and the result of that combo is what we have seen the last 1.5 games.

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We are going no where with this offense! Dana has to see that we need a change. I agree on Henry. If we are going to establish a running game it’ll have to come through Campbell. The defense has played well enough for us to have the lead. However, they’re going to give out if the offense doesn’t step up and give them a break!
This offense is about as boring as the Helton days!

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So… What? He’s still embarrassing us…

He has speed… Use him on passes out of the backfield… Just don’t bother lining him up and handing it to him. 2 yards a carry isn’t worth it.

Comes in second half no longer the first.

I disagree with the take on Rune. He’s a ball player. We lose vs UTSA without him. I think he does need to make quicker decisions, particularly if our WRs can’t get separation.

But I’ll take Tune over any QB we play against.

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Aggies lose 14-17

Lets see if we can finish this!!!