Which players back out/get released?

I wonder which players are going to be released of their scolly or will asked to be released?

I’d be surprised if we have much movement. By saying what he did, CDH will be able to take the temperature of Major’s recruits coming in under a new regime, that any promises made may not be kept. A couple may get cold feet and jump laterally or even down without waiting for the hammer that may never come, but many signed up to come to UH for reasons not entirely related to the coaches in place. The most confident recruits think they can get playing time regardless of schemes and regardless of who is in charge.

I agree. The reason I am asking is I have seen A couple of recruits with remarks on social media that lead me to believe they have already been contacted or are questioning their decisions.

I’d be surprised if we lose anyone. With all the TV heads “amazed” that we landed CDH, I think the recruits will be very happy to stick with UH. I think they realize CDH is an upgrade.

Levi Williams posted the opposite and he’s a QB. I thought if any recruit signed for love of a coach it would be the QBs. WR may have signed for love of CKB, but CDH runs a wide open offense too, and he’s a better coach imo.

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Lets see…Dana or Major if you’re an incoming player…

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I’ve seen Todd and Nunnery both post questionable things on Twitter making it seem like they were blindsided by something???

I think we could keep everyone, if we wanted them. However, Coach is going to want to sign his guys. So he will either let a few go or convince a few to go.

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If it’s on the offensive side, CDH has already stated that he will analyze if the recruits fit his system.

Maybe they were in love with Clements and No D?

Let’s see, fast, tall WRs. A QB who already has an NFL arm. I think he keeps them. Don’t know about the OL. Did we even sign an RB? I don’t think so after Monroe became ineligible. Does CDH use a TE in his offense?