Which teams from The American

Would you like to have on an OOC schedule if we are in a different conference?

Navy. Always like playing the Academy teams

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Sign a 40 year home and home with Tulane. Usually a near guaranteed victory, and a New Orleans roadie every other year.


I’m going to love that Arizona game for next year.

That’s slightly off topic but I’m looking forward to a trip to Tucson as well.

Willie Fritz will have that Tulane team winning. The guy is a good coach.

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I wouldn’t mind keeping SMU on the schedule.

Ugh. No thanks.

Tulane, Navy, Cincy (if they aren’t invited with us.).

Yeah, Tulane. Fans get a great road trip, and more importantly Louisiana has become an important recruiting area for us. We have a very good receiver in this class from New Orleans (offers from Arkansas, Arizona, and many others), a receiver in the 2016 class who had offers from Notre Dame, Nebraska, Baylor, etc., and this season we may have as many as four starters from the Pelican State.

Yes, Tulane and Memphis (if they aren’t invited) so that we can stay visible in the SEC region.

Memphis is a good road trip. I like UCF as well. They have a record advantage.

Rice. I really like a lot of legroom when I watch football. :joy:

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Yeah, Navy, Memphis, and Tulane are my picks to keep scheduling at least one of the 3 every year

Only to smash them, otherwise I can’t stand them, their students, and the city they are in.

I wouldn’t mind a long-standing agreement with the AAC or CUSA for one game a year with one of their teams.

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