White Texas Teacher Fired!

So this happened in Pflugerville, Texas. From what has been reported it sounds
really bad what the teacher said. He apparently teaches at a middle school. Now perhaps there is more context needed, a teaching point he was trying to make, or something to take the edge off of this. As it is now stands, it’s pretty disgusting thing to have said.

In one video, the teacher can be seen saying to his multi-racial class, “Deep down in my heart, I’m ethnocentric, which means I think my race is the superior one,” as students audibly react both on- and off-camera.

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Has there ever been a black teacher fired…

If you ever wonder, what do bigots think… Coogs2U is here


Um, yes. Lol

Weird question. Why do you ask?

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Odd thing to be fired for, he seems to be expressing the same view that libs touting white privilege are saying……white people are inherently racist “ethnocentric” due to growing up in a white biased world……if you deny it you’re racist and if you acknowledge it, well then you are a racist and get fired.

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who was fired for denying white privilege? any examples?

I don’t think recognizing privilege is the same thing as believing a race is superior.


Of course it’s not.


I didn’t say anyone was fired for denying white priv, I said you earn a label for saying it….pay attention

I can’t really follow what you trying to say but you definitely wrote fired. Do you really not see the racism in what the teacher said?

in this case he was calling out the particular behavior of ethnocentrism “seeing other cultures through the eyes of your racial experience and culture” which is the central argument for the creation of white privilege via a history of imperialism etc…
He wasn’t saying hey I’m a white supremacist, he was trying to argue that white people see the world in a certain way and that via historical experience it’s been one of superiority ….and he was owning up to the central thesis of white priv. He was also trying to say that all people have a certain level of ethnocentrism. (i’m not taking a stand on his messaging, just the irony….that the left would call out the guy for this admittance)
Sorry, this isn’t a firing offense , it’s more of a …….we don’t have college level philosophical discussions with middle school students reprimand, apology letter for the confusion and let’s move on thing.

You’re assuming a lot in what he said in a very short video. How do you know what he meant? And why are you taking up for this guy?

The man said - “deep down in my heart, I’m ethnocentric which means I think my race is superior.”

This sure doesn’t seem like a philosophical issue or argument he’s making when he says stuff like that. That would be a very weird way of saying that if so. He’s saying he thinks and feels this way. That’s far more than philosophical, imo.


From the article:

“In one video, the teacher can be seen saying to his multi-racial class, “Deep down in my heart, I’m ethnocentric, which means I think my race is the superior one,” as students audibly react both on- and off-camera.”

He is saying he thinks his race is superior. He’s not necessarily giving the correct definition of ethnocentrism, but he is saying, “…I think my race is the superior one.” This is very different than saying he believes he has had advantages and privilege in society because of his race.


I’m assuming he knows the definition of ethnocentrism, which may be too much credit……and he was way oversimplifying a complex argument for his audience and it backfired….that’s how it sounds to me.
the phrase deep down in my heart obviously says something different to me than to some of you……he seems to be saying deep down, not my everyday surface thoughts I know I must feel this way,(superior) due to ethnocentricism. (product of the environment of where he grew up)

why so quick to judge him and not give him the benefit of the doubt?

How tough can it be to not say stuff to students that won’t get you in trouble? How could he not know this would raise a controversy once it got out into the wider community? if he hadn’t said it, nobody would’ve known what he was thinking.

He was fired for being stupid. I’m down with that.

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It probably depends on what we value most in advancements in culture. If we value what western civilization brought as a whole vs Native American Indian cuture then he could be right but we’d need a vote worldwide but on the surface people want advancements like what the west brought. Maybe he was going there. Regardless, he shouldn’t touch that topic. It’s a minefield.

If he had said deep down i know I’m privileged then he wouldn’t be fired and the video would’ve have gone viral. You can call him inarticulate but i don’t know how any students or parents would want that guy teaching anymore.

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