Whitting interviews at UT

I assume Mike Taylor would be our #1 target in the event that Whitting goes to UT?

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Seriously though, if Whitting leaves (and I don’t think he will), Pierce should be our man. He’s a Coog alum and has had success everywhere he’s been.

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If Whitting goes to Texas I’ll lose my stuff

Taylor, Pierce, and Anderson would all be logical candidates. I don’t know who the top assistant is at Aggie but they are doing plenty right these days.

If Whitting is offered the job, 99.9% chance he gone. And if that happens, Pierce is without question our #1 target to replace. No one else would be close.

One thing that is probably scaring a lot of folks off is the status of AD Perrin. He’s not currently under contract and has said he has no intention of being considered as the next AD. If you’re a head coach in a good situation, why leave if you don’t know who your boss could be in a year. UT should have let Augie coach one more year, hire the AD, and then get a new coach. A little bit of arrogance on their part to assume coaches would fall all over themselves to get there. Shocking, I know.

By the way, a head-hunting firm is now in charge of the search which is probably why Whitting and Pierce got interviews. OK St’s and Dallas Baptist’s coaches are also being considered. Holliday probably won’t leave OSU, but Heefner could probably be had even though he has no track record at a bigger school.

Fully expect Whitting to be the UH coach next year with a slightly bigger contract.


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Would he leave Tulane?

I’m pretty sure Pierce would leave Tulane for UH. Personally, i think we should all feel good about the situation even if Whitting is offered the Texas gig. Either way, we will have a great coach next year.

Hate to say it, but Todd would have to take that job. I would wish him the best, and accept that he set us up to succeed after he left. Taylor, Pierce, and Anderson would all be candidates I’d be happy with.

big pay day for him if he gets it

Pierce would be my top target for sure, would make a ton of sense if we can pull him from Tulane. With the upgrades coming to baseball and the recent success it should be an attractive job regardless.

Pierce does carry a hefty buyout though…


Whoa! Scratch what i said then about Pierce being our number one target…aint no way we’re paying 1m buyout!

I just don’t think UT offers Whitting as he’d be a tough sell to that fan base. Nothing to denigrate what Whitting’s done so far, but he’s been a head coach for 5 years, won one conference tournament, won one conference title, made it to 2 postseasons, and one super regional where he was swept in 2 games by…UT. He also just finished a disappointing season with no postseason appearance. Bit of a step down from Garrido who came to UT with 3 national titles or most of the other candidates they had contacted.

I think this was more of the search firm doing their due diligence rather than Whitting having a solid shot at the job.

I really doubt Whitting is the man for UT, but given some of the decisions those guys have made in the last few years anything is possible.

If Todd remains with UH, I certainly hope he’s able to find the magic formula. Its not fun reading about TCU and Tech in the CWS. And A&M is making a lot of noise lately. Can you imagine what that would have been like had they made the cut? Didn’t mean to leave out Rice, but they’ve cooled off a bit lately. With the upgrades to the baseball facilities we now are in our best position ever to sign top recruits. Here’s hoping.

UT has approached >8 (for lack of a better term) “big-name” college baseball coaches about the position, including TCU’s Jim Schlossnagle, and every one shot the Horns down. So the Horns interest in you coach could be a real threat.

I wonder what the big Horn boosters think about the fact that the most accomplished/successful coaches in the major sports no longer consider UT to be a plum job. I bet the LHN is partly to blame.

I suspect TW is not a serious candidate. The delays are likely linked to CWS and maybe some coaches still alive in the tourney.


Bohls isn’t even listing Whitting as a candidate in his latest report about the situation while listing off a number of other candidates. They’ll probably go hard after Okie State’s or TCU’s head coach once the CWS is over.


Bohls came out and said that Whitting is getting a number of endorsements to be the head coach there. Still, he hasn’t been hired so I’m guessing he’s still not their top choice. Bohls also reported that UT interviewed Dan Heefner of Dallas Baptist the other day.

Rumor among the D1Baseball guys is that Texas is waiting until after the CWS and probably wants to pursue TCU’s Schlossnagle or OSU’s Holliday. Also a possibility that they go after TCU’s assistant and former Astro, Kirk Saarloos. Saarloos has been the pitching coach at TCU since 2013 and was the pitching coach at Cal State Fullerton for 2 years prior to that. Nice thing about Saarloos being there is that if Schlossnagle does decide to leave, Saarloos will probably be tabbed to replace him instead of them going after Whitting. Guess we’ll see shortly as OSU and TCU were both eliminated today.

Schlossnagle and Holliday are supposedly off the table after TCU paid Scholossnagle with a Brinks truck and Holliday stated that he and his entire staff are coming back (the pitching coach was supposedly a top candidate to go to Mizzou).

UT may make a run at Arizona’s coach, but supposedly the top candidate is Pierce according to the Austin guys. Whitting’s name is starting to pop up in the Mizzou search.

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