Who did he vote for?


Well sure, if it was the last Hot Pocket !

Story mentions it was the 3rd time in a month where a gun was brought into
an argument. The other two involved a 12 year old using an AR15 at a sonic and
a guy upset that kids ball rolled onto his property and ended up shooting a 6 year old.

Mo guns, mo better, as NRA would say.

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Clear case of justifiable homicide.

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That’s the thanks he gets for saving the guy from food poisoning?

I think he voted for Jim Gaffigan.

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His hot pocket bit always cracks me up.

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So it is actually a good guy with a gun.

Just a hungry guy with a strong affection for hot pockets.

Those pepperoni pizza hot pockets are pretty good. Did he kill the guy? That is a little extreme. Winging him I could probably see,

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Are we entirely sure pepper does not live in Kentucky?

He was hangry.

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What is the answer?

At the bottom of the clipped article shown here, he shot him in the “arse”.

Ok then I am going to call no harm no foul.

He just shot him in the arse, lets not make a big deal about this. No one shoots someone in the arse with the intention of anything other than a teaching moment.


I’m absolutely positive meth wasn’t involved. Absolutely.

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No one’s making big deal if you’re probably thinking that this is some type of “good guy with a gun 2.0”. The title of the topic was a fun way to piece together the idiocy of it ALL, not unless you think that somehow this guy fits the democratic voter demographic.

Ha ha facts!!

FYI - Hot Pockets were invented by an Iranian immigrant!

I thought it was a legitimate discussion about arse shooting and how it can be effectively applied in the slowing of hot pocket bogarting.


Hot Pockets suck…that is all.

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