Who do we replace UCONN with/ UConn FB hires Jim Mora

the AAC is currently trying to remove the “g5 bid” and just make it the AAC bid…
this uconn situation is an opportunity to strengthen that claim

kill the mwc and separate ourselves even further…make a true west division…byu, boise, sdsu, gonzaga basketball only


No MAC or Sunbelt. I always had a place in my heart for LA Tech…BYU, CO St, are also my choices.



I second that. All 3 of those schools.

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I lilke the TORONTO idea. Think it would bring a lot to the AAC, particularly .media coverage.


I say nobody unless we are required to. More money for everyone else.


Talk to Army and BYU first. I think Army might be the easier sell.

If ESPN starts talking about cutting our payout, I would love to talk to the NCAA about a three-division conference. Take 6-8 good teams from the west and we become the only non-P5 that matters.

I’m not as averse to taking a Conference USA team as some of you. Or the MAC. The goal here would be to talk to the schools and get an idea of what their ambitions are. The AAC has a lot of the same old schools from Conference USA with one big difference: They’re almost all committed to leveling up. Invest-and-improve. Find another school that can make a case that they’re willing and able to do that.

Winning 4 championships in men’s basketball over the past 20 years.

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No one the conract is already done and now we get a larger share.


There’s a composition clause. ESPN can renegotiate and if we reduce inventory by 8% then they will probably reduce payout by at least that much. I don’t think our haul goes up or down, whether we expand or not (assuming we don’t expand imprudently).

We already are the only P5 that matters

Basketball doesn’t drive the bus !!

BYU and Air Force as football only members. Regardless of whether UConn football exits the AAC.

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I think if UCONN leaves we should go after the University of Texas. They have a strong history in baseball, have a good basketball coach who could get them competitive in the AAC within a few years. Even though they don’t have the track and field program that we have, I believe, considering their location here in Texas, there is an opportunity to improve. I seem to remember they once had a fairly good women’s basketball program, and if they invest in it, they may be able to become competitive again. And when it comes to football, I heard they hired a young, aggressive, and inspiring football coach. I know they haven’t been all that competitive over the last 10 or so years, but I believe they might be able to build, over time, a football team that could be really competitive in our league. What do you think?

P.S. – only kidding, of course


BYU, Colo State, Boise or San Diego State in that order.


None of those schools has a prayer of joining the AAC unless there’s a mass migration and the conference needs to backfill with programs much like C-USA has done in the past several years.

Probably a decent chance the AAC will add VCU for basketball and leave football alone. I would guess Aresco would talk to Army (I think they’d be a great add) along with BYU, Boise, etc. But I’m not sure anyone worth having for football is going to leave the situation they’re in for whatever reasons. Could be wrong and certainly doesn’t hurt to talk. But if neither service academy, BYU, nor any prominent MWC school is interested, I’d take a hard pass, at least until a program like UMASS or NIU or maybe UTSA developed its athletics.

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UAB has a ton of potential. Large stadium, over a million metro area, geographically well placed. Riding a new wave of interest with their football program.

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Been there, don’t that, don’t trust them not to suck again.


Sure does when you’re winning championships. Their basketball programs are worth more than our football program.

We have an edge, but we’re still at a place where an undefeated MWC program has a good shot of getting into the NY6 bowl in front of a one-loss AAC team. Especially if that undefeated MWC team is Boise State, but even if it isn’t.