Who is #31? (WR)

the skill player with the most yards in the spring game isnt on the roster

the announcers didnt know who he was till mid-game… then they started calling him james holman from blinn by mid game

blinn didn’t have a “james holman”, i just googled…

the official stats just came out and they creditted all his stats timon nolan, and credited timon nolan in the game article…i justed googled Timon nolan, who actually is from blinn, he is a short black guy, #31 was a tall white guy. that didnt added up

anyone know who #31 is??
he had 2 huge plays in the game, and should have had 3 (dropped a 50 yd pass)

Transfer wide receiver from Blinn, played QB at one time, switched to receiver. Had offers from Indiana and Rice at one time, from Rosenburg.

thats Timon nolan, the short black guy…#31 is a tall white guy

James Holman fought in the Texas Revolution, was the first Mayor of the City of Houston, and Holman street is named for him. However, I don’t think that has any eligibility left, so #31 was probably not him.


Y’all are off by one letter, his jersey said Homan.


Now for the curve ball, check out his Twitter. Fabio?



I met his parents. He is James Homan. He was from Brenham. He played at Blinn, then at Montana. He is a senior walk on. He was listed on the program at # 36 but was using # 31. Of the wide outs, he Terry Mark and Courtney Lark stood out the most.


Obviously the team loves him, they were all jumping up and down and excited for him when he caught the long pass for a touchdown.

Got to watch some highlights, he made some nice plays though he did have a fumble. The double move he made to blow by the guy for the last long one was nasty.
Looked like #18 got beat a bunch but he did jump the crossing route for the int he returned for td.

That #31 had a LOT of balls thrown his way by multiple qbs. They even tried some deep routes but it didn’t seem like he could get the same separation as Mark or Lark. Great hands yesterday though in the short and intermediate routes.

Could Mark turn out like another Lufkin product (Keke Coutee at TT)?

A strong walk-on program is a good thing! Hopefully this Homan fellow can contribute!


Lol those two tweets are literally the last thing I’d expect from a college football player. I’m thinking that this kid is gonna become a fan favorite.

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The fine people from h-town is similar to a post by Corey Davis of himself in fine people from louisiana.