Who received gun lobby money

Here are the Senators:

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Along with nearly every Democrat senator. There are no senators who don’t solicit and accept lots of money from most any and every lobby known to man.

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Here is the total list of NRA contributions:

Come to your own conclusions.


Nice list. I’m sure once @WoodMarkCos has had time to study it
he will be back to offer his take on it.

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It is a GOP problem. There simply isn’t anyway around that.

My party has to face up to this.


Denial is a hell of a drug.

It leads to deflection when reflection is needed.


8 highest Senators bankrolled by the NRA:

Mitt Romney: $13,648,000

Richard Burr: $6,987,000

Roy Blunt: $4,556,000

Thom Tillis: $4,421,000

Marco Rubio: $3,303,000

Joni Ernst: $3,125,000

Josh Hawley: $1,392,000

Mitch McConnell: $1,267,000

One has to wonder about the ROI.

That’s a WHOLE lot of money just to be giving away for the purpose of financing a political campaign. Right?

Sadly, Russia has been using the NRA to funnel money to gain access and influence by our senators and representatives.

Is there data to support that claim about Russian sources ?

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Isn’t it odd that Russians have such an interest in an American club ?

“After three letters, the NRA continually, and specifically avoided detailing what measures it takes to vet donations, including from shell companies, a known means for Russians to funnel money into the United States,” the aide said.

And an allegation of possible use of shell companies.

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It is the dirty secret that although foreign campaign donations are illegal, foreign contributions to charities that have access to the politicians ala what was happening with the Clinton foundation and this Russia/NRA thing are common place.

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True, Dems are not immune…but the NRA has just become a foreign agent…shameful.

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gimmie an f’n break….stop with the russsia, russia, russia crp.

I am sorry you dont like it, I had been a huge NRA supporter for years but the abuse and corruption by Lapierre and how it has been used as a foreign asset is a fact. You dont get alternative facts.


The business of guns will lobby just like the businesses of cars, corn, cattle. Yeah, I know, guns have a primary purpose of killing people, unlike cars which kill lots of people without it being its purpose.


It is about profit and money, thinly veiled as a right to “bear arms”. Perhaps there should be restrictions on gun marketing, like we see on cigarettes or pharmaceutical products with warnings?


The reality is we have to do SOMETHING and there are reasonable debate points on either side of the issue. So I would encourage my GOP brethren to meet in the middle. Show the world that we actually care about the issue.

Surely there is some common ground. We can’t have 19 children gun down again, we just can’t anymore.

My prediction is the GOP is going to have its way in November but this one issue will cause a few upsets. So if the political calculation is that GOP doesn’t have to do anything except wait for November. Probably so but there will be political collateral damage.

So from a decency standpoint lets meet in the middle. From a political standpoint lets meet in the middle.

I don’t think I am the only die hard republican that is appalled by this.