Who the hell is in charge

Biden gives an important international speech and says point blank Putin cannot remain in power. Ok I get that.

Within an hour the White House issues a statement walking back Biden’s statement and says the U.S. is not calling for regime change.

Who in the hell is in charge here?

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It’s not the President ever sense Kennedy was assassinated. Trump found that out. Deep state is, and has been for a while

Is this what got you so worked up ?

In an address from Warsaw Saturday, President Joe Biden made remarks seemingly directed at Russian President Vladimir Putin and his invasion of Ukraine. “For god’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” Biden said.

After the speech, the White House released a statement saying the president wasn’t calling for a regime change.

“The President’s point was that Putin cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or the region. He was not discussing Putin’s power in Russia, or regime change,” a White House official said.


Well played I’d say; plant an idea, sort of, but don’t escalate officially.

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I am a Biden guy but his statement was problematic.

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This is biden right now

In one week he says the following:
“Our troops are going to fight in Ukraine”
“We need regime change in Russia”
Without a doubt he is going to say that his hallucinations were due to watching a Trump rally.

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You call that problematic? This is what we have to look for?

You call that problematic?


German deputy chancellor said the same thing today. If we show a willingness to negotiate with someone else, that might prompt some regime change.

FWIW, it’ll be Ukraine that negotiates an end to the war, not the US or EU. Some cracks are showing on Russian state media so we are likely seeing factions form behind the scenes. Whether any of those factions can topple Putin depends on getting FSB and military buy-in and support. Once they begin, if they lose, they die. I’m not sure Putin is so vulnerable right now, anyway.

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What is this like the 3rd time the White House had to “clarify “ something Biden has said.

Come on, Biden is slipping. Any reasonable person can see that.

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Slipping like the silvery fox he is. Ask Putin if he’s slipping. He said in his first meeting with Biden after becoming President, that he was very on top of things and the issues. Sounds like his enemy respects him more then some American’s do.

“Ask putin if he is slipping?”
You too deserve a:

It’s well known fact we can see what we want to see.

It’s not like the guy doesn’t have a history of making gaffes in speeches
for many decades. Maybe this was one of those times, maybe it was planned, or maybe it wasn’t.
You need more then this if you want to invoke the 25A , don’t you honestly think ?

But here is the link to the video of the speech, Please watch it and tell what are the clues you see
and the minutes and seconds on video when any reasonable person can see it.
Thanks in advance.

NRG it is just that the White House has to continually clarify or in this case out right retract what he is saying.

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People confuse cognitive.abillty with intelligence…they are not one in the same. My mother is 92 her cognition is not what it use to be, her intelligence is all their and she tell you so


I agree about Putin needing to go, but as a President, you need to be careful with your words.

That said, that “deep state” nonsense is a load of crap.

Sometimes, a guy simply isn’t careful and slips up, and at that point, his advisors put him in damage control mode.

It’s not any more complex or sinister than that.

Glad I won’t be voting for Biden.


You need the remember why we created the office of the President of the United States. We purposely made it a weak position. We just won our independence from a monarchy and that was the LAST thing we wanted.

The POTUS is a political figure, he/she has the platform but the POTUS was NEVER created to be a dictator…there are so many checks and balances, both at the federal and state level, that he/she can only try to influence what they want to happen but they can NOT do it all on their own.


So, by your count, 3 cleanups/clarifications in 14-15 months by
the White House. That seems about Bidens normal historical rate of gaffes or is that
more ?

Without looking, I think we can find several walk backs or clarifications for Trump, Obama, GW Bush too.

EDIT - My bad, now you say it’s “ White House has to continually” do this. I guess 3 is continually
in your book.

Very true. In Biden-esque speak it was vague enough but came close to
point of no reasonable way to “correct”.

Three cleanups?
Three cleanups?
I can’t believe it.
You too deserve a:

Number 1 this is not the third clean ups
Number 2 his speech delivery is getting worse and worse.
Number 3 he clearly does not know where he is at times.
Trump gave another one man show rally in front of ten of thousands. The contrast could not be clearer. In just about a year biden has managed the impossible.
Russia at war with Ukraine exposing a war monger. We can all see he waited for biden to get in.
Inflation at its highest levels.
Highest gas prices since obama and carter…
You can;t make this up and some of you are writing JUST THREE CLEANUPS

How many cleanups are you willing to give Trump when he calls Putin a genius, and then goes rambling on about windmills when asked about something different?

Trump and Biden both leave a lot to be desired.

Perhaps now you’ll understand why I don’t vote for either man.

You’re just asking this and noticing this NOW? It’s obvious that he isn’t calling the shots.